2013 let’s do it!

Happy new years friends! Another year behind us and another thrilling year on the horizon. From the looks of facebook and holiday cards, looks like all of you think 2013 is “THE YEAR,” …I’m right there with you!

I’m a big list maker. I make daily lists, sometimes hourly lists, I thrive when I can cross things off my lists. I make lists for today, lists for the weekend and lists for the year. I’m not one to call them “resolutions” per say, but rather intentions or goals for where I see my visions headed. This year is like no other. I am still working on my “2013 best year ever” list but I will tell you how I break it down.

The first category is “life; fitness & adventure.” In this category items like
– take even better care of my skin which includes an eye cream regimen & regular facials
– run for fun; not for races
– travel to visit my friend Jo in NYC, my friend Jay in Chicago & take a long holiday to Hawaii with my main squeeze

The next category would be “business.” As some of you may know I am a graphic designer by day at Chartreuse Inc. We are a boutique design firm in Lakewood and are kicking of 2013 celebrating our tenth year in business. A few of my personal goals that top the “business category” are…
– get to work earlier in order to get a jump on emails & client projects
– make more time for face to face meetings with my clients as opposed to just phone calls & emails
– pinch myself everyday that I am so lucky to be doing what I love surrounded with amazing people who I admire & respect!

The last category on my yearly goals list is here, this cyber world that we meet at, “the blog.” Yes, I set goals for even here, it helps me stay engaged and reminds me how much I love spreading the news about all the fun and thrilling happenings right here in the CLE! So some of the top goals for the blog this year are…
– bimonthly posts focused more on family outings & events (think “i heart cleveland families”) written by one of my besties who happens to rock at having three kids & being a super friend to all.
– Integrating additional guest posts from the MEN of the CLE. While I try to keep the blog gender neutral, come on people we all know I tend to drift towards glitter and bubbles…it’s time to hear what the guys like…interested men drop me a note!
– lastly to do a better job at twitter and corresponding with the readers.

So that’s a little look at my intentions/goals for this exciting year upon us. I can’t wait to see how the year pans out. I’m lucky to have such a great group of readers, friends and family to kick off 2013 with. Cheers and love to you all!