a lobster of a tale

SO…as many of you may notice, I am not the best at the whole “tweet” thing. While I am slowly getting better and growing to love this avenue of social media, I truly find it to often be super NON-social.

For instance, when you are out having great conversations, drinks and eats and everyone is tweeting about this and that instead of actually being in the moment…super UN-social. However, with that said I do appreciate how instantaneous twitter is and what an amazing resource it is for knowledge sharing, fun updates and moment by moment information. You can follow friends, celebs, rock stars, athletes, weatherman, pr gurus, fashion stylists, old pals and more, it truly is a fun place in cyberspace.

The other day I was embracing my new love for this “social” media when all of a sudden something marvelous happened. One of the tweets I follow, Dim & Den Sum just threw out the question, “What is your favorite food?” I sat for a split second and quickly responded, “Lobster.” Nothing clever, nothing fancy, not over thought or super cutesy,  just a one single crustacean word, “Lobster.”

Then it happened…a reply message from the traveling food truck appeared on my screen. It was like we were actually in some weird cyber chat room, but they were actually talking to me, “@iheartclev your the first response thus in your honor well have lobster rolls this week!”

Now, having lived in Maine and New England for part of my young life, I am a self proclaimed lobster connoisseur. I can boil them, steam them, teach you how to tear apart each and every claw and for the more daring folks, how to search through the lungs and inners to find the morsels of buttery white meat. I’ve eaten lobster straight from traps boiled on a sailboat, in a pot on a beach, I’ve even grilled a fresh lobster on a campfire once. Give me a steak and it turns out as tough as show leather, but a Lobster brings out the chef in me. But have I ever eaten Lobster from a food truck? Never.

Let me just start by saying I am SO HONORED that Dim and Dem Sum is offering Lobster Rolls in our honor. They will be downtown tomorrow and at the Shaker Square farmers Market on Saturday so get ready for a creamy crustacean roll of yummy goodness, I will for sure be there too!

Thanks Chris, you and your team at Dim and Dem Sum are just another reason I HEART living in the CLE! (Oh…and thanks for making my twitter experience out of this lobster world!)