A visit to Banter Cleveland


Hello Cleveland, hope you are having a wonderful week! So much awesome sunshine and the groundhog did NOT see his shadow which is a for sure sign that spring is on it’s way…keeping positive over here!

With that said, if winter does rear it’s little cold head and you are looking for a new CLE hot spot to meet up with your friends I have just the recommendation. Last weekend me and Baby Ninja (should I start calling him Toddler Ninja now?) met up with my friend and her two boys to explore this poutine dining destination, Banter Cleveland.

From the moment our crew arrived we were welcomed and shown to an awesome table in the second dining room. The restaurant is broken up into three main sections, the bar, the main dining room/wine shop and the third room is wall to wall coolers full of the most interesting and unique assortment of beers and ciders.



While I was interested in the poutine I opted for ordering fried cheese curds, a corn dog and french fries for me and my little guy to share. The rest of our table enjoyed all sorts of the poutine creations of french fries, gravy and various toppings. Everything was delicious and their attention to detail was really incredible. You should have seen our corn dog, ketchup and mustard maters piece, I wish I had a picture to share.


IMG_0180The decor of the space is bright and clean with a touch of the original vintage building elements such as peeling wallpaper on old plaster and schoolhouse-house inspired light fixtures. But can we really take a moment and admire the floors? These floors were taken from an old Elyria High School (what they believe was the women’s gym) cut up into individual rectangular blocks and then reinstalled as a graphic, indestructable work of art.


Someone LOVED his french fries but also coveted the individual little cups of ketchup. He seriously had a blast. *Note to other parents, they did have a high chair and one of the owners; Matt told me they welcome guests of all ages…even in the evening. Thanks Banter, it’s great to know that being a parent doesn’t eliminate us from your great new place.

IMG_0187While the little guy was really good, he probably lasted about :45 in the high chair and then needed get down. I think he has my busy-body gene, always needing to be on the go. Since we were one of the only diners in that side room I let him out of the high chair to run back and forth something I don’t typically do out in public. Needless to say he ran right into the room with the coolers full of beer and tried his best to open every cooler door, thank goodness he didn’t figure it out. My life fast forwarded by like 20 years when I pictured him as  twenty-something helping himself to a brew or two. They say time flies.

Back to Banter, it seriously is the awesome new kid on the Gordon Square Detroit Rd block for a great meal with friends. The service and staff was so friendly, the food completley tasty, the retail beer and wine store was stocked with many adult goodies that you could take home for later. Go check it out, invite your pals, bring a kid or two, (or not!) and don’t forget to check out the floors, they are truly amazing!

Banter Cleveland • 7320 Detroit Rd. Cleveland OH 44102 • bantercleveland.com