A weekend away.

Good morning Cleveland.

First and foremost, I just wanted to start today with a little thanks to the Cleveland Zoo for the wonderful night out last Thursday at the annual Animal Attractions zoo fundraiser. I have to say, it was one of the BEST events I have ever attended. From the staff that presented about how animals “do it,” to the food (especially the cupcakes from Cleveland Cupcake Company!) to the celebrity appearances by the orangutans…it was fantastic! However…note to self, next year wear more comfy shoes…sparkly heals aren’t truly zoo fashion!

So, I have to say I was so excited to return home from a weekend away to the shimmer of snowfall on our fair city. From the air, the towns look sleepy and quiet blanketed by winters gift. I hope many of you were able to get outside for some shoveling, snowman, sledding and skiing!

Over the weekend I was honored to attend the Association of Junior Leagues Organization Development Institute as one of two representatives from the Junior League of Cleveland. This training conference held in Fort Worth, TX was filled with over 500 women leaders from as far west as Honolulu, Hawaii and as far east as London, England, lots of opinions and amazing fashion, the southern ladies put my jeans to shame. In the conference I broadened my knowledge about change management in non profit organizations, how to distinguish other leaders in a volunteer setting and even a bit of self exploration in my own management and leadership styles…would you have ever guessed I was “achievement” driven? Ha!

Anyhow, I am telling you this because I wouldn’t have had this really interesting opportunity if I weren’t part of a really great international organization with a strong chapter located right here in Cleveland…in a historic home in University Circle. The Junior League of Cleveland

is an organization  of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers, quite the mouthful, but all very true.

Are you looking for a way to get involved in the civic and non profits worlds of Northeast Ohio? Are you looking to develop skills you might not get from your workplace? Yes, perhaps a few new gal pals…it just comes with the territory? This organization might be a fun and good fit for you…sorry guys, women only. While our new member class training doesn’t start until the fall (just like a school year) give us a shout, stop by a training, grab us for coffee to get to know a league member who might be able to tell you more about their own experiences. The organization is always a great place for enthusiastic volunteers looking to make a difference, we would love to have you!

(enjoy my snowy shots from the airplane…yes, they are sorta illegal…I was supposed to have my electronics turned off, but I couldn’t resist!)