adventures in manicures!

So, let me start this story with…I was craving for something a little bit different the other 2It was Friday and my friend Mrs. H. and I were getting ready for the weekend. Both of us had spent the week before “pinning” fabulous nail art that if we had enough guts, we would totally get.

After a delicious lunch at the Fig we gathered our courage and the two of us headed off to Fantasy Nails, pinterest pics in hand to see if we could make these extravagant nail dreams come true.

photo 3

photo 5

After we waited our turn and then soaked off our previous gels it was the moment of truth…could these nail techs create the designs we had found on Pinterest or are these “pinny-manicures” all photoshop creations and not really possible in person?

photo 2 copy

photo 4

So many colors (but not the exact colors) on the wall, so many shades of pink, magenta and teal, so many shades of glitter and opalescent pearl..but nothing exactly what either of us had in mind.

photo 1 copyMrs H. had planned on a black and mettalic gold inverted french manicrure but ended up with a black and neon  inverted french which to our excitement turned out pretty darn sweet! Myself on the other hand…well, while I initailly had thought three colors (nude, teal & black) would be fun for the Halloween holiday, turns out three AIRBRUSHED colors is a bit “over-the-top;” to say the least.

photo 1

While the final outcome wasn’t exactly what I had in mind I was still excited to have tried something new. I knew my nails would be protected from the elements as I think I now have four solid coats of gel and spray paint on my fingertips; highly flammable.

These are the times you just have to chalk creative curiosity up for a life lesson and next time, stick to my solid poppy red stand by fall hue. Happy fun mani’s to everybody, go get your creativity on!



(Mrs. H.’s bling bling and her fabby nails!)