Amelia : the little “glamper” that could!

Hey CLE. I have had one heck of an online fun week and I couldn’t help but share.

I don’t know about you, but as a designer one of my daily reads is Design Sponge. This week I was honored to be a part of their  “sneak peaks” section featuring the little nauti Airstream camper named “Amelia.” She comes from right here in Northeast Ohio and I had to share with you her story.

She was purchased off of Craigs List about two hours east of the 216. She had to be towed to Lakewood as she was not “road worthy;” thank goodness I have AAA.

Amelia had a small team of experts including a welding expert (who rebuilt her under carriage,) an Airstream enthusiast (who taught me about 110 volt to battery to propane conversion,) a tradeshow display building expert (who advised me on how things travel, fold, and then constructed the spectacular build out) and even an upholstery maven (who tried to talk me out of white upholstery no avail.) Thank you to each of them for being so willing to work with me on this massive project. I truly had no idea what I was doing but through persistance, lots of reading and searching for tiny parts on ebay (thank goodness for ebay!) we made her beautiful.

This project was a labor of love by me, her team and the amazing support of the strong Airstream community. Along the way she and I have met other adventurers, dreamers and free spirits…oh, and a ton of retiree’s. I feel incredibly lucky that my dream of owning a silver bullet has really come alive.

So now what? Yes, we love the outdoors, camping and entertaining so she will be used for that. She will also be available for rent for select photography and film needs as well as promotional opportunites…but first I really need to get better at hauling her. Driving a 21 foot long trailer off the back of a small truck is another learning experience and a skill I need to master.

If you are an Airstream lover (and want to buy something super shiny and new) I recommend a road trip to Jackson Center, Ohio to visit the actual place where all Airstreams come to life. If you are up for a long remodel project filled with many shiny twists and turns, me & Amelia would LOVE to part any wise words and tips to turn your aluminum dreams to reality. Thanks for letting me tell you our story.

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