An Arts Weekend!

WOW, where did all this snow come from? Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but from what I heard the roads were a real bummer for some of our commuters.

Anyhow, back to business…it’s and ART weekend in CLEVELAND and I couldn’t be more jazzed to get out and explore.

First up is tonight’s opening of the new Transformer Station located in Ohio City (next to the Cleveland Vibrator Company…tee hee.) The Transformer Station is a project presented by the Bidwell Foundation in association with the Cleveland Museum of Art bringing contemporary art from around the world to the west side of Cleveland.

I was able to go in and preview the current exhibit as well as speak to some of the museum staff and curators and let me say, you are in for a pleasant surprise. This new museum is both and architectural gem to the neighborhood, but the current collection is also very inspiring. As an art lover and someone drawn to creative endeavors I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed both exhibits. The space is split up in two galleries (old building and the newer addition). Currently showing in the older part of the museum is an exhibit called Bridging Cleveland photographs by Vaughn Wascovich, I literally wish I could have gently taken one of these works off the wall and out to my car…just amazing! The second gallery space was housed Light of Day; photographs from the collection of Fred and Laura Bidwell. I truly enjoyed this side of the museum as well, getting lost into the photos and subject matter. I could only dream of such a private collection; just stunning.

Also, as a side note, one thing I noticed while experiencing the gallery was the lack of artists credits looming near the framed art on the walls. One of the guides showed me where I could find all of the info on my phone or ipad; very clever. Just pull up and you can preview the collection, artists, etc. It takes the gallery one more step forward keeping the details electronically, very cool

Last but not least, tonight kicks off their opening, today it the first day it’s FREE and open to the public. So make a stop in and check it out, it’s truly stunning.

Also opening tonight are two new exhibits at Spaces Gallery; Jimmy Kuehnle and John Rubin with Felipe Castelblanco. Let’s just say it;s gonna be a wild evening of modern and more experimental art going down at Spaces. You can just hop on over post transformer Station!

If you are planning to stay on the east side tonight due to the snow fall…get yourself over to the Cleveland Museum of Art MIX opening celebration Gallery One. I was able to experience this world class, high touch, high tech, high experience gallery the other day and what can I say, it blew me away. The marriage of art and technology was nothing I had ever experienced like this before. Just another reason I am proud to live in this awesome city. You’ve got to go check it out and add cash bar…even better! (bring your ipad for an even better experience!)

Last but certainly not least, this weekend marks the reopening of the Western Reserve Historical Society; Crawford Auto and Aviation Collection. The new space is another noteworthy example of when old architecture meets new creative. This museum is a wonderful place to bring the kids or your older parents to go and explore together…for both girls and boys alike! Who doesn’t love a little vintage airplane or sidecar. I do!

So that is a bit of what you can get yourself into this weekend, especially if you are craving some arts and culture…we’ve got it! happy weekend in the CLE!