At Home…a new home decor destination


Lately I have been doing a bit of re-styling of my home interiors. I’m not sure whether it’s because summer is over and I am beginning to feel fall winter home hibernating fast approaching or that with the onset of a toddler things need to be tweaked in order to live in harmony with one another? Either way, I found a new store that is full of great interior treasures…and you’ve got to check it out.

The new At Home is located in Sheffield Village off Cobblestone Road and is filled with aisle after aisle of frames, artwork, vases, linen’s, rugs, candles, seasonal decorations, outdoor furniture, gardening decor and rows of smaller, more special furniture pieces.

IMG_4950I was looking for all sorts of accessories but came upon so many other great finds, I had to share. From amazing rustic stools (see above) to the chic, refined look of the acrylic ghost chairs (see below) ($99 each!) there are plenty of seating options at this mega store.


While I tend to like to buy one-of-a-kind artwork from local artists…I couldn’t agree with this print more…Paris IS truly always a good idea. (While I loved this saying, this little piece did not make the final cut to come home with me.) Wouldn’t this be a fun print for your teenage daughters room or even a fancy mudroom? It’s just too sweet.

IMG_4946There are rows and rows of dishes, house wares and linen’s. Looking for a specific color or style, At Home has just so much, I bet you will find what you are looking for, for your home.


I loved their selection of upholstery accent chairs. They are very unique and don’t look like what every other home decor store has. As someone who has a mild chair fetish, they get two thumbs up for cool chairs in my book. I especially love the salmon, retro club chair, it’s so chic and cozy


I also really enjoyed all of their gardening decor accessories including every size and shape of terra-cotta pots you could ever imagine to house your favorite plant in. Check out these hexagon planters…and don’t worry there are plenty for all of us…they seriously had rows and rows of them.


So…if you’ve heard the radio spots and keep thinking…“I’ve got to get out there to check that place out” take it from me…it’s worth the drive. But be warned, I spent a solid 1.5  hours scouring this mega store for every unique design accessory to be added to my home. Happy shopping everyone. I can’t wait to see what you find!

(Note, sign up online for your 10% off coupon before you visit)