Bob’s your Uncle…


Good morning CLE! How are you doing today? Did you know this week is our Cleveland Beer Week? So many great beer enthusiast events and brew specials around town. To find out where to go, and what to drink check out their site and the schedule at

I have a funny story for you today. I was shopping at Heinens’s this past Sunday and it was a mob scene. It was a shopping day filled with shoppers pre-work week, pre-Browns game and it was post-church and overall, seriously filled with everyone from around town. Let’s just say almost EVERY CART was in play. Anyhow, in the spirit of Sunday football AND Cleveland Beer Week I thought I would pick up two specialty “BEERS” to have and share during the “football game watching soirée” at our house…turns out I was in for a surprise.

I picked up one “Bob’s White” and one “Bob’s Red.” As a regular wine drinker one would think the red and white labeling would have triggered “this is WINE” to me…but instead the actual bottle made me think it MUST be beer. So I threw this new Heinen’s WINE into the fridge, yes…even the RED!


When our friends arrived, I opened the white first and was pleasantly surprised that is actually WAS WINE! Even after I popped off the beer cap with my key chain bottle opener I commented about how I think this might be the BEST wine for summer picnics and possibly for family holidays…drink one whole bottle of “Bob’s Your Uncle” and then you are officially cut off! :)

While I had to wait for the red wine to come up to room temp (I mean who likes red wine cold? grrrr?) it was just as good; if not better than the white wine. Plus, like I said before it was fun to open the bottle with a beer bottle opener rather than a cork screw.

So while it may LOOK like beer, don’t be fooled. Bob’s Your Uncle from Heinen’s is  without a doubt a bottle of wine. So even though I tried to participate in Cleveland Beer Week by purchasing these adorable little mid-sized bottles of beer… they ARE actually wine and actually very good. I hope I have cleared up any confusion you may have had…they really are lovely! Happy Wednesday everyone.