Brite Winter, Brite Weekend!

PostcardFRONTThis Saturday marks the fifth annual Brite Winter Festival happening in Ohio City. I can remember when it was just a baby festival with a few bands and a few volunteers and now? It is THE winter festival, not-to-be-missed.

Last year we bundled up and took to West 25th and neighboring streets to enjoy the music of both local artists and regional groups. It was such a cold night and it was snowing so hard but the neighborhood, the streets and the air were just filled with excitement and creative winter collaboration; it was truly magical.

This winter festival celebrates the best of Cleveland artists, musicians and small businesses entrepreneurs. It empowers us to go and PLAY outside. I remember being upstairs in the Cleveland Hostel crowded in with so many others trying to get warm for just one performance. It was such a mix of people, the music was awesome, we were drinking some perfect cheap beer it was one of those moments when I could step back, look around, make time stand still and appreciate the moment.

This year I can’t wait to check out some of the new stages, the returning artists and some of the smaller venues including the Classic Mini Bar at the Market Ave Wine Bar. It’s supposed to be chilly; so remember to pack a scarf, but plan to wear your best smile and embrace the cold…for pete’s sake…that’s what winter in Ohio is for!

For the artist line-up and the other details, visit their site and check in on their Facebook page! Looking forward to seeing you around Ohio City on Saturday. (This event is FREE & open to all!)