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  Wade Oval Wednesday

Morning Cleveland and happy Tuesday to you! I am back in the 216 after a few days of hanging out in Big Bear, California. What an experience! 120 fellow creative campers, bonfires, smores, speakers, bunkbeds, camp dance, red wood pines, lots of smilebooth and tons of new (instagram) friends! I will share some pictures in the next few days…but for now as I get back to business check out this ADORABLE commercial for the summer sensation, Wade Oval Wednesdays. A wonderful creative representation of the weekly fun happening over at University Circle, Wednesday nights through end of August. Check it out.

  Where in Cleveland?

Over the weekend I spent some time driving around enjoying the snow fall and chilly winter weather. It’s amazing how things sometimes look different with a fresh coating of fallen snow.

I drove by this old E.B. Brown Opticians painted building mural and couldn’t resist asking you, do you know where this mural is?

I was driving to my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army on Euclid & 55th) and the mural was on 30th and Danford (between Superior & Payne)

I love old murals, vintage cleveland, painting and more…this find was AWESOME!