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  Cleveland FLEA

Morning CLE! How is everybody doing today post Tribe Opening Day antics? We were so lucky to have such great weather. While I still wore a few layers just in case, there were many rocking the tank top and “jorts” (jean shorts!) look at the stadium…it’s still April people, I’m just sayin.

Anyhow. It’s been a few wild and crazy weeks over here. Slammin jammin at work, lots of company in town, the Film Fest (get your tickets for this weekend it’s gonna be crazy packed!) planning a home remodel and a vacation…bring it on!

Have you heard about the Cleveland flea? Well from what I know it’s a great place to score some sweet vintage finds on the second Saturday of each month. Lots of great vendors coming together  in the St Clair Superior neighborhood looking to offer you a special find for your home or that unique spring accessory. There are artisan food vendors, people who make stuff and a great vibe for our city. It’s happening THIS SATURDAY morning and you should for sure check it out. For details check out their facebook page!

So enjoy the rest of this weeks nice weather. Happy spring Cleveland, happy finds at the FLEA!

  Guest Post // Zach Christy

Hey CLE, “boy” do I have a treat for you today! I don’t know if you remember or not but at the beginning of this year I put out to the universe a few goals for this blog and today I’d like to officially kick off the new i heart cleveland “man friend” series!

Not that I don’t write about things for both women AND men, but sometimes my sparkly, cupcake-filled, fashion-minded me overtakes and it’s always good to included a view from the other team…so here we go…

Today I’d like to introduce you to a friend of a friend (and now my friend too) Mr. Zach Christy. Zach seems to have his hands in some wildly creative projects around town and so when I approached him about his favorite hots spots  he really gave me lots of “to-do’s” to add to my own personal list. I know you will all be pleasantly surprised by some of his favorite foodie hot spots and I don’t know about you but after you finish reading his wise words, if you want to call me for tacos and guac…I totally have a craving.

Thanks so much Zach for kicking off this series! Cheers to a great year of spicy Mexican, antiquing adventures and more creative play. To follow Zach and see some of his work check out his vimeo site here! Take it away Zach…

“I moved to Cleveland in 2009. I moved here for a job and really didn’t think I would be staying for too long.  I met a girl and we dated for a little bit, but that’s beside the point.


We shared a mutual appreciation; let’s call it love,  for Mexican food.  Pretty early into our dating life we decided that we were going to try and go to every Mexican restaurant within the greater Cleveland area.  And, I am pretty sure we managed to get to most.  All of this is beside the point, other than the fact that it really allowed me to discover some of the great places that Cleveland has to offer that I would have never found.  It doesn’t hurt that my dad and I also deal antiques on the side. So, the willingness to go into places off the beaten path has been built into my nature from the start.


  Medina, Ohio : Antiques

Hey there. Today I am excited to share with you a wonderful and very informative post by fellow reader, blogger and lover of all things vintage…Scarlet Begonia aka Jess.

Jess and I had a nice little back and forth going, about all things vintage (you’ve got to see her Etsy store!) and since she lives in antiqueland..aka Medina, Ohio I asked her if she might be interested in writing a guest post. Something about where the good deals, steals and stellar antiques can be found. All I can say is…thanks Jess, you truly outdid yourself!!! I’d love to come and search for treasures anytime with you, any other “iheart” readers up for a shopping adventure?

Remember to check out the blog Scarlet Begonia…it’s nice design, and stylish tips are very on trend…now onto the awesome post by Jess.

“Hello, iheartcleveland readers! My name is Jess and, yes, my heart does belong to Cleveland, but I currently reside in the ‘burbs. When Charity asked me to share & show you some of my favorite vintage and antique shops in my neck of the woods I was delighted because Medina has some of the best in NE Ohio. I hope you enjoy my selections, next time you are in my neck of the woods shoot me a fb message and you never know,  I may just join you!”

In the meantime, these shops are some of my favorites:

1. The Medina Antique Mall (a.k.a. Antique Mecca, no seriously… there are bus tours to this place)
– 2797 Medina Rd Medina, OH 44256
– Off of I -71 on Route 18 (exit 218)
– Housed in a 52,000 sq. ft former grocery store with 250 dealers
– I would be willing to bet if you are looking for it they probably have it. Although, this may mean paying a higher price. This is a great place to start, but I wouldn’t spend all of your money here because I know you’ll find great things at the other stores for less money.

2.  Brothers Antique Mall
– 6132 Wooster Pike, Rte 3 South Medina, OH 44256
– 12,000 sq ft with over 100 dealers
– Always worth the stop, I have found many treasures at this place and the furniture and other large items are well priced.

3. Medina Depot Antiques
– 602 W. Liberty St Medina, OH 44256
– Housed in an old train station next door to A.I. Root Candle Factory Store (worth the stop after visiting the Depot)
– This is a great place to find items for the outside of your home as well as the inside. They always have a large selection of books, house wares, and architectural salvage pieces.

4. This-N-That Antiques and Collectibles
– 234 N. Broadway St Medina, Ohio 44256 (North of the Square)
– This shop is a former Florist shop located on N. Broadway surrounded by other residential homes.
– It looks like a house, but inside all the nooks and shelves are filled with linens, old furniture, and all types of jewelry, baskets, glassware which are very reasonably priced.

5. Medina Flea Market
– Held at the Medina County Fairgrounds on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
– One of the best flea markets I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot) and I always come home with something. The prices are always reasonable and negotiable, but just like any flea market the earlier you go the better.

THANKS JESS, Cleveland deal finders, antique lovers, thrift shoppers and lovers of a good find will LOVE this post! Great job!

  Vintage (CLE) friday

Sometimes when it is all rainy and yucky, my thrift/antique store addiction wants to kick in. While they are calling for sun tomorrow (fingers crossed) if it is another rainy day you’ll find me scouring old pictures, great vintage clothing and retro housewares.

For some reason milling through the past and discovering new ways to style the antique into my 2011 life is a fun and challenging adventure, perfect activity for any rainy day!

Check out these pics I found online at that site is filled with lots of vintage finds! Go explore. Happy FRIDAY!


While I try my best to be a forward thinking blogger, always spreading the word about what is happening next in our community, I just had to share this.

Last week I had the pleasure to tag along on my friends “shopping trip” at the semi-annual “Springfield Extravaganza” an antique show and sale in Springfield Ohio (between Columbus & Dayton). I’m telling you this because you MUST plan to attend the September show. (date TBD)

So many deals and steals including a new/old porch glider ($30) a mid-century modern metal dining table with glass top ($25) and a retro aluminum chaise lounger complete with upholstered cushions ($30), sprinkle in a handful of broaches and beads, glassware and bar ware and you won’t want to shop anywhere else.

It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Cleveland but well worth it. It just goes to show that Ohio is filled with wonderful places and events to explore and to love. So get your friends together and plan to attend this fall show…bring cash!