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  day 2 : Put the Needle on the Record book

Good evening my dear friends. Where did today go? In my other day job, I work for a graphic design firm and we have been hustling and bustling in prep for this weekend’s big Bazaar Bizarre. I apologize for the late post, but here we go!

So THANK YOU to all who came out to Dredgers Union last night for the first ANNUAL (we are gonna do it again next year!) Shopping Shindig. It was great to meet a few of you for the first time and also see some of my favorite CLE friends. Thanks to Sweet Moses for the awesome chocolate tasting tray and the amazing sea salt caramel popcorn (remember to check out their holiday gift tins, makes a yummy gift!) and to Crav Vodka, the cocktail was the perfect shopping companion.

Just a few pictures of last night before we get going with “day 2!”

(a “Cravberry” cocktail kept the shopping juices flowing)

(some happy shoppers celebrate the holiday shopping season in style!)

(Sweet Moses makes amazing gift tins filled with all sorts of delicious treats, stop in today and cross off that shopping list!)

(Allison won the one 50% off coupon, congrats to you!)

So all and all it was a lot of fun. Plus, I too walked away with a few gifts and a little navy skirt with iphone-sized pockets just perfect for moi. :) Enough about me…onto the giveaway.

Today our gift for you comes from a good friend, of a friend, Mr. Matthew Chojnacki author of “Put the Needle on the Record.” This book compares more than 250 vinyl single covers that represent nearly every prominent 80’s musician; and who doesn’t love a good Madonna album cover?

Seriously, this book is the first of its’ kind, Matt spent hundreds of hours interviewing the musicians about the process, the artists, the decisions and many other unheard pieces of music history to write this masterpiece. I am proud too call him one of Northeast Ohio’s experts on 80’s music for sure!
Check out this stop action video for promotion of the book, makes me want to dance in my multiple sets of legwarmers. :)

Want a copy of this new release? To win this new book in time for the holidays, like Matt’s book on facebook and then comment on this post, tweet me about the post (@iheartcleev) or both! (2 entries per person). The winner will be notified by the end of day Monday, December 12th. Good luck!

In the meantime, if you must get your hands on a copy, I believe Matt will be selling “put the needle on the record” this weekend at Bazaar Bizarre. Stop by and meet this music mastermind! Thanks Matt.

  Holiday tunes & Browns fans pics

Hey CLE. Just a few days until sleeping in, Macy’s Day Parade, Turkey with stuffing, football and a slice of pumpkin pie goodness.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few tunes for your holiday playlist. Enjoy!

“Sweet Potatoe” by Sia
“Cornbread” by Dave Matthews
“Cranberry Bog” by Sebadoh
“Pumpkin Soup” by Miss Kate Nash
“Turkey Dinner” by Hoodoo Gurus

(How fun is that? Have others to add to our turkey playlist? let me know!)

Like the images above? I LOVE them! They are by Cleveland’s super talented pho•tog Billy Delfs published by Cleveland Magazine. Check out more of his spectacular work on his site. BTW…GO BROWNS!

  Where am I?

It’s Tuesday and already the week here in Cleveland is shaping up to be pretty great. Isn’t the graffiti art above grand? It was the first thing I saw as I stepped out of my car early yesterday morning, made me smile, giggle and even skip a bit. I cant imagine “growing young” any other way…be young! Do you know where I was?

Have you heard about the show that is currently showing at the Cleveland Museum of Art called “Copia: Retail, Thrift & Dark Stores” by Brian Ulrich? This photography exhibit examines American consumer culture and shows the beauty (and even the ugly) in our society’s habits.

Well, anyhow, this Friday, November 18th the Museum is hosting what sounds to be a very fun party called “Buyers Remorse” from 7-10pm. Meet the artist, enjoy some high-energy tunes by Clevelands-own Dj Reena Samaan and grab a cocktail at the cash bar. The museum is asking all attendees to wear  something they might have once “impulse” purchased or even a complete head to toe vintage outfit. You pick, but this party should be a great balance of art, design, fashion and silly frugal fun. Reserve your $8 ticket ($6 for students) to avoid any ticket sell-out disappointment, get yours here!

Have a fun Tuesday, BE YOUNG and get your entrance to the big “Buyer’s Remorse” bash this Friday!

  CIA Spring Show TONIGHT!

For all the details of tonight’s big CIA Spring Show (including the Craft + Material Culture, Foundations, Integrated Media & Visual Arts + Technologies Spring Show!) visit their site for locations, times, details, etc.

It looks like a wonderful event at CIA! Kudos to all the participating artists.

  weekend fun

Don’t you just love the built up excitement of a weekend? I mean, two days off to which you are supposed to relax and recharge your body, mind and soul before starting another week. I think it must be the bright blue, sunshine filled skies that are putting me in an extremely good mood, but I can’t wait for the weekend!!!

Not a whole lot on my plate for Saturday and Sunday, but I do have a few ideas.

Thinking of going to the opening of Open Yoga Gallery and then swinging by the Valentines Day Market (think Bizarre Bazaar & Made in the 216 all wrapped in LOVE), then a quick stop at the Westside Market to stock up for Sunday’s big football festivities and then home to cook, bake and possibly even put away my Christmas wreaths that still hang on my house!

Not super busy, “relaxed with purpose.”

Enjoy your weekend. Grab some sunshine, perhaps a cocktail or two and may the best men win! Go Browns!

(note : since I’ve been on a bit of a photography role, I thought I would share this great photo from the photo contest site, enter your great pics today. This photo was taken by Colin Toke, from what I can find. Only a dog lover would take his dogs out for a late night stroll during a snowstorm, great shot!)