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  The Sweetest Band!

Morning everybody. Isn’t it pretty out today? Too bad I hear we are supposed to get soaked later today. Go get all those errands and your outdoor fitness accomplished now, this afternoon is gonna be a wet one.

So yesterday we had a printing rep stop by and drop off a big bag of Malley’s Chocolate…and while we tried our best to resist the dark chocolate covered pretzels (FAVE!) were calling out name…munch munch.

When we opened the box we found the cutest little flyer for the new Malley’s Marching Band. Even though I was never in a marching band and could only play the piano…I was intrigued.

The band website says “Join the Sweetest Marching Band In The Land.  Attention all former marching band musicians.  If you love to play and miss your marching band days, fill out the form below to join our all volunteer band!  All skill levels and ages welcome.  You must own your own instrument, we’ll supply a band shirt.  Sign up if you’re looking for a non serious fun time band.  Limited to the first 300 sign ups.”

So all you old band lovers, get out there and show us what you got. I look forward to seeing you at any one of the summer parades! It will be so SWEET! Have a great Tuesday.

  New Cleveland Christmas Anthem!

Check out this soon-to-be-your-new-favorite Christmas anthem, called Northcoast Christmas from The Modern Electric.

The Modern Electric is a cinematic pop band from Cleveland, Oh that combine soul, melody and emotion to soundtrack those moments in life that are just like the movies. Christmas Story anyone?

The track is a celebratory anthem that captures the joys, struggles and triumphs of a Christmas on the Northwest. My favorite line is “Shopping at a thrift store in December, this’ll be a Christmas to remember.” I feel like it speaks to me. HA!

Listen to the tune, download it for FREE, tell your friends about it, like them on facebook, get to know The Modern Electric. Thanks for the treat you guys, happy holidays!

  Paper Route & Young Love (6/04)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

At first this show jumped out at me because I saw the band “Paper Route” (crazy website!) last summer in Atlanta and really liked them. The young Nashville 4-some have a full ambient, sweet electronic sound soothing to the ear. They don’t exactly define the sound of their Tennessee city: “We tend to be the black sheep in Nashville,” programmer/keyboardist Chad Howat says, “but we love it here.” So needless to say, I wanted to see Paper Route again…I even have a t-shirt!

So…who was this band that “MY” Paper Route was opening for? “Young Love?” Come to find out….he is really great too. Sounds like the perfect summer music evening! The dance-rock outfit “Young Love” is headed by Dan Keyes. Keyes, who has assembled a band to tour with this summer, ultimately sees Young Love as a culmination of hard work, taking chances and allowing himself the chance to write the music that’s been knocking around his head for years. Very electric, very catchy, very can’t get out of your head!

“This record has been a long time coming,” says Keyes, “These songs have existed with me for so long. I’m excited to get them out there. And I hope people get excited by them: I feel like I’m just the instrument to give the songs to everyone.”

Check out video, it’s funny, clever and charming.

Hope to see you at the Grogshop. Doors are at 9:00pm, Tickets are $10