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  funny story…

So I went to Mentor Headlands over the weekend to enjoy the surf, sand and sun…as well as a few of my magazines and my latest read, Julie & Julia.

Anyways, as I lay there I was watching the cutest little girl and her dad dig a big hole in the sand to splash around in. I was thinking to myself “they sorta look familiar?” “But how could I know a little girl from Mentor when I live in Lakewood? Then it came to me.

Last year on my one and only visit to Mentor Headlands I photographed a little girl digging the same big hole…could it be? Out of the HUNDREDS of people at the beach this day I set up my blanket right next to the same family?

Take a peak and let me know what you think? Do you think they share bandanna’s? If anyone knows who they are, I swear the are the cutest summer beach pair ever.

  Vintage Edgewater

Last week I was lucky enough to accompany my friend Shannon on a buying trip (Shannon owns Stash Style in Chagrin Falls) to the Clark Country (near Dayton) Antique Extravaganza.

I found many odds and ends including a vintage purse, some great nautical buttons, an old retro Schwinn cruiser and many postcards.

As we welcome the official start to summer I thought I would share these postcards ($1 each) from Edgewater Beach in 1909! There is something about discovering a little image from one hundred years ago that is super cool. I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I do. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  Winter video fun!

Hi Cleveland! I found this video of Edgewater Beach, the pier, sledding and snow angels. Tim & “Frank” you guys ROCK! I coudn’t help but to share. Have a great weekend. Stay warm.

  Winter Beach Love

“Oh baby it’s cold outside” streamed through my mind as I set out to capture the winter and the lake this past weekend…

The sun was out in full effect but there were no sunbathers, no picnics and hardly a seagull to be seen this afternoon at Edgewater Park Beach. There were however shimmery ice crystals, dagger-like icicles and snow encrusted saplings. The air whipped across my cheeks with every photo I snapped, the sound of waves crashing over the hardness of ice was a different tune than those of the summer waves. Cold and hard, yet melodic, evolving and true. Nature is an amazing creature so fragile and yet so strong. How do the little plants live through this harsh winter, yet in a few months they will lift their little heads and awaken with Miss Spring? I am always in awe of our gorgeous Cleveland winters.

I know it may not be your number one destination throughout these “below-zero” days, but I would highly recommend a pair of mittens and an afternoon adventure to the beach, where the sand cracks like walking on glass and the wind sings a tune of pure exhilaration.

  Beach Review #2

Beach Review #2

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend in Cleveland. Blue skies (mostly), a warm breeze and so many things to do, see and explore. With a close friend visiting from the big apple I was constantly reminded time and time again how lovely our city is. Relatively no traffic, easy to get around, cheap tickets to an afternoon baseball game, great “boutique” bars, I could go on and on, but we already know how great Cleveland is anyways.

A few months ago I reviewed Mentor Headlands Beach and today I am pleased to report another positive report on an area favorite, Edgewater State Park. After spending the afternoon in the sun, lunching on soft pretzels and bud light at “Jacobs Field,” we decided to make a pit stop down at the beach on our way to the airport. The beach was hopping. Families having large picnics. Dodge ball games. Lots of gorgeous kites flew above. A guy on his electric guitar strummed tunes overlooking the beach. A group of performance BMX riders displayed their tricks. People reading. People sleeping. Lots of dogs (Chihuahua’s to be specific?). Runners. Couples on their motorcycles. The visual display of summertime overwhelmed the senses. Everyone was enjoying the beach, the park and taking in summer.

This beach/park is more than just a pretty sand lot to dip your toes in the water; although the water was warm and clean-looking. Spending time at this beach reminds you how lucky we are to live in an urban community. It’s a small oasis from city life. It’s cool; has a great breeze rolling off the city. The skyline of downtown shines across the beach pier; a perfect place to read and people watch. Next time you want to feel as if you just want to get away, swing by Edgewater Park, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

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