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  lilacs & healthy living!

Good morning! While it is super chilly, and I couldn’t bring myself to wear tights anymore, I sit here with goosebumps awaiting the weeks warmer temps. How aout you guys, did anyone bust out their winterwear this morning? Smart!

One of the things that I LOVE about this time of year are all the amazing flowering trees we have in Northeast Ohio…especially lilacs. The white ones are my favorites, then the super dark purple ones and I would never turn away a bundle of the simple everyday light lavender hue as well.


  Inked for Ohio

Hey land of CLE. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I am really interested in those of you who take the leap and ink yourself with all things Ohio. While I myself have no “ink” I honestly can’t think of a bigger way to show the city your loyalty and love. Go you guys!

A week or so ago I was working with the amazing team at Blazing Saddle Cycle and noticed a work in progress tat on “bike guru” Travis’s forearm. I freaked a little with excitement and proceeded to snap a pic to share.

Travis was saying someting about King Kong climbing Terminal Tower and a handful of other “celebrity-like” characters that will wrap around his arm and through the city landscape. I can’t wait to see the finished work.

Travis, when it’s complete, shoot me a pic to share. Also, if anyone else ever had an “Inked for Ohio” picture, please forward them to and I will make sure to share!

AND, if anyone ever needs the perfect place to take an old bike that one purchases off of Craig’s List and have it transformed and renovated into a piece of art…go to BLAZING SADDLE CYCLES, they are truly passionate about their work.

  Friday fun!

Hello Friday! Oh how I’ve missed you since last Friday. :) It’s been too too long.

I have so many things on this weekends schedule and can’t wait to share some of my ideas with each of you! I think the onset of cooler temps and back to school has made me yearn to switch over my closet from bright & cheery summer to warm & cozy fall…but as all Clevelanders know….we MUST resist until at least mid-September. So while I wait….how about what is fun going on in our fearless city this weekend?

> Feel like taking a drive? In love with Max and the rest of the Where the Wild Things cast? Drive to downtown Kent as they show the movie on an outdoor screen…starts at dusk, should be fun for all! FREE

> There are LOTS of bike rides this weekend. Feel like hanging with a bunch of graphic designers? Head to the towpath this Saturday for AIGA’s ride. Feel like filling your belly with warm grilled cheese? Don’t miss out on Melt’s first fundraising ride this Sunday. If farms & barns are your thing visit the picturesque Cuyahoga Valley National Park this Sunday!

> I saw the first slightly disturbing movie, The Girl with the Dragon tattoo…but sorta like a car wreck where you can’t look away, I am very intrigued to see the second part film in the three part series. The Girl Who Played With Fire, showing at Cedar Lee.

> Get your last few wears of those summer sundresses, and if you are looking for a few extra summer something’s, stop by Room Service for their 60% off summer apparel sale!

On a side note, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE living in Lakewood and would like to thank Travel + Leisure Magazine for the HUGE shout out! “Lakewood : Coolest Suburb Worth a Visit!

And last…for those of you that do find yourself at the mall this weekend stocking up on back to school clothes…pick up this short for yourself. EVERYONE in Cleveland should have one. In fact I think that as a tax payer, we should just get one free in our mail some evening, now wouldn’t that be amazing? If you can’t wait for GAP to maybe send you one as a good Cleveland citizen…then make sure to pick yours up soon. I hear they are flying off the shelves…. Love yOUR city!!!

  Back to Basics!

Another weekend in Cleveland is upon us, and what fun! TGIF.

You guys know I am always up for a party, a soirée perhaps? But this weekend I am hoping to get back to summer basics. Throw on my flip flops, braid up my hair and take my bike out for a spin or two.

The beach seems like a perfect plan, or perhaps my city pool. If I’m in the mood to roll down my windows and drive out of the city a burger from the festival might be yummy. If I can get out of bed from all the summer fun, a bit of downward dog to LIVE music on Sunday followed by some tasty treats in Tremont.

There is always something fantastic to get yourself into in Cleveland…JUST DO IT!

  Ride opening (12/04)

Friday, December 4th, 2009


Spin is proud to present ride. AN EXHIBITION OF CYCLE PHOTOGRAPHY by RUSSELL LEE and featuring prints by GREY CARDIGAN. December 4th, 2009 thru January 2nd, 2010.

Opening reception Friday, December 4th, 6pm with award winning beer from Fathead’s Brewery.