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  Shopping @ NEXT

Hello and happy Monday Cleveland!

Last week was a whirlwind of fun and activity around town. Were you able to get to TEDX CLE last friday? If not, make sure to keep your eye out for next years event. Super inspiring and exciting happenings all around the CLE>

Also pretty fun… a few weeks ago I was invited to be part of an after work shopping spree courtesy of the store NEXT located in Beachwood Place. When I was originally invited, I thought to myself…the hip hop urban store that i usually stroll past as I escape Nordstrom’s on a perfume sample high? Yep…that be the one.

(sneakers, Allison & pal)

Last tuesday night a bunch of us gathered to spend our loot on many unexpected finds…WAY more than graffiti tees…now I know. From fancy party dresses, to sleek sandals, studded bracelets to chic leather coats, scarves and sorbet colored sneakers…there really is more to NEXT than I ever knew.

(studs, Amelia & Michelle)

The sales staff was incredibly helpful. They knew what piece would flatter what figure. What ran small and what was a great buy for your dollar. Just returning from a big women’s fashion buying trip, they spilled the beans that florals are going to be the “IT” thing this spring. The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating to those of us who had never shopped their before.

(watches & Alexa)

I was thrilled when I scored a new fluorescent green G-Shock watch as well as two really great tops. Seriously cleveland ladies & gents…next time you are in the mood for some true boutique shopping, don’t forget NEXT…it really impressed me.

(girls of NEXT & my new watch)

  The Giving Z

I try really hard not to forward emails, or link other sites to the blog, or copy someone else’s thoughts or emotions, but with that said, this story by John Krolik (Cavs blog) was incredibly moving and poignant and I couldn’t help but forward it for your Friday reading.

First published in 1964, the Shel Silverstein book, The Giving Tree is about a relationship between a boy and a tree…this new story is about a basketball player, his team and his city.

“Once there was a Z….

And he was drafted by a crappy team.

And every day the team would come

and he would score them baskets in the post

and find his teammates with sharp passes

and they would run the offense through him

and ask him to win games

and even after his feet were hurt

he came back

and he made the All-Star game.

And the team loved the Z

very much.

And the Z was happy…..”

For the rest of the story click here.

Mr. Krolik, that was incredible. Nice work. “Z,” we wish you the best of luck…but secretly hope you can forgive our city and come back soon. :)

  donate & win!

My friend Michelle of Cleveland Foodie has recently posted a wonderful opportunity for her readers and I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

To support the Culinary Vegetable Institute, Veggie U, and area Cleveland City Schools, Michelle is requesting a minimum donation of $5 for the opportunity to win a slew of gift cards to many area restaurants, including Greenhouse, Parallax, L’Albatros and more!

This is a wonderful opportunity to take a chance and donate to a yummy cause. Thanks Michelle for your enthusiastic and educational post. We heart you!

Read and enter here!

  The Scoop

Just a little congrats to my friends Laura (Hudson resident) and her pal Emily (Chicago native) editors of “The Scoop;” a daily dose of design inspiration.

Their blog was recently featured in TimeOut Chicago Magazine…way to go you two!

The article touched on the fact that many Home Decor Magazines were no longer and how people are turning to bloggers for our interior, fashion and design inspiration. Laura and Emily do such a great job, I am definitely visit daily.

For more about “the Scoop,” or the article visit

  Cleveland Speaks

Have you noticed the new “words on the street”? The other night in the parking lot I was captivated by one and had to know more…

“The Mind of Cleveland” is a public conversation in billboard/poster form, a conceptual town meeting where everyone has the opportunity to be heard publicly. The project employs modes of communication common in urban spaces, such as billboards, letterpress posters and the Internet. With the use of public signage, the thoughts, feelings and wishes of Cleveland residents are displayed.

Next time you see one of these bold, dynamic statement on the street, stop and think, how cool is it that we live in a region, in a country for that matter where people thoughts and opinions are not only heard but made public for all to read.

For more about this project, visit