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  Guest Post recipe : Carrot Cake

Every now and then you come across a blogger who makes you smile. Today I get to introduce you to Courtney a fashion student, chef and fellow CLE-lover. I hope you enjoy the recipe she has “whipped” together for you, perfect for Peter Rabbit who might be hopping down your bunny trail for Easter weekend. Thanks Courtney & happy baking weekend to ya!

Hi Friends! My name is Courtney McCrone and I post my musings at 23 Skidoo Blog. I am a Cleveland-lover (what classy lady isn’t?) currently completing my fashion design degree in L.A.; upon graduation this June, and will quickly hustle back to the CLE to live the dream! This summer I will be working on launching some of my designs, so look out world!

Easter is just around the corner, so I am really excited to share a great recipe with you to enjoy with your friends and family–perhaps even some little bunnies that might stop by for brunch!


  Being social!

Hey friends, did I tell you how excited I am to have scored one of the coveted tickets to this summer’s Alt Design Summit NYC conference? I’m psyched.

You see, besides posting about all things happening in the CLE; I regularly scour the web for every inspiring design tip, striking image and “how-to” story that I can soak up in my creative head.

As a professional designer I love to surround myself with other creatives and what better location to be infused with creativity than at the offices of the queen of creativity, Martha Stewart. The conference will be hosted by Ms. Martha and her amazing team of creatives at the MSL Omnimedia offices (eeeekkk!)

So I am starting to prep for the workshop and I am doing a bit of blog updating and writing homework. I’m cleaning up my pinterest palace (@charity216) and making a conscious effort to tweet and “RT” on a more regular basis (@iheartclev) I’m exploring new photo apps to share pics on instagram (@charity216) and even making movies on the latest and greatest the creepy, crawly Vine (@iheartcleveland). So much to do in so little time.

Before I know it I will be surrounded by other bloggy, blogsters covered in polka dots and neon prints, this years floral pants and sassy sandals. Spending time sharing tips with one another about life/blog balance, creative apps and design business successes.

This summer can’t come soon enough but this past weekend warm Cleveland temps sure were a treat! Happy Tuesday.

  beer on tap – giveaway

Hello Cleveland, happy Tuesday to each of you. Isn’t this weather divine? A wonderful past weekend of riding bikes, patios and sunshine makes me a super happy CLE-camper. I even switched over my closet from winter blacks and greys to more pattern and vibrancy…summer is when my closet comes to life, another reason to be happy…flip flops, I digress.

Do you like beer? Well, you are in luck because I have a pair of general admission tickets (valued at $90!) to the IX International Beer Festival happening THIS WEEKEND at the IX Center. I am way more a wine drinker (mostly reds) but I am a sucker for a good light wheat ale, a Corona on a beach or the seasonal brews, especially at Christmas time…you know what I’m talking about. :)

The ticket includes admission to selected entry sessions, unlimited tastings, a special tasting cup and special demos and educational sessions on everything BEER! Tell me which brewery you’d like to sample and a random winner will be drawn this Friday by noon. Good luck and happy hops to all.

  a new Blog Friend

So I “met” this new blogger a week or so ago and thought perhaps some of you might like to follow his photography blog….“How’s the Salmon.”

A young photographer, entrepreneur and sneaker collector, Carlos was born and raised in Lorain and currently resides in Elyria, OH. “I’ve been coming to Cleveland for various events, shopping or to experience the restaurants for as long as I can remember” commented Carlos.

After exploring his site, I had to get to know this guy a bit better, so I asked “Mr. How’s the Salmon” a few questions…

Where did the name of your site come from?
“It’s really and inside joke with my friend from high school. We decided to have a mini reunion at Great Lakes Brewery, and we all agreed on bar food (fries, burgers, etc.) and well out of nowhere, one of my friends turns to the waitress and asked “How’s the Salmon?” and we all started to laugh hysterically (You kind of had to be there, but coming from where we’re from, and growing up how we did, you’d understand why we found it so funny)”

As a sneaker conisseour, what’s your favorite pair of sneakers?
“This is a question I get often yet still struggle on an answer. I have to say, it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll say my two favorites are, my Air Jordan Aqua VIII’s and my Air Jordan True Blue III’s.”

Please share one of your pictures of Cleveland with the iheartcleveland readers.
(photo above) “This picture of Lake Erie, I think some people may not realize how great the lake can be (especially due to lake effect snow) but in the summer, relaxing and watching the sun set is one of the best things to do.”

Thanks Carlos for sharing your images, your insight and your blog to me. I hope others find it as fun and unique as I did.

  Tag, I’m it!

Hello & good morning Cleveland!

I hope everyone is in deep into the holiday mode by now. Me? I have put up half the decorations, purchased and wrapped half of my gifts, made LOTS of cookie dough (but nothing baked), sent half of my holiday cards, I really need to complete something. But instead I thought I would take the time to answer my first blog tag.

Last week I was tagged by local blogger, Thanks Heidi! The tag states that I need to share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself with my readers, here goes nothing.

1 | I love to collect things. Some of my current collections are vintage buttons, 70’s clutch purses, old liqueur carafes, cake stands and globes! I often fill my collecting habiy with quick trips to Unique Thrift on Lorain Ave. or for a Saturday morning adventure I scour Suite Lorain

2 | When I grow up I want to own a small bakery with a personal training studio in the back. What could be better work hard to eat sweets? I bake on a weekly basis and try to fit in some sort of exercise daily. While a good run can really excite the endorphins, the sight of a perfect pink chocolate cupcake makes me smile.

3 | I have lived in Cleveland the longest I have lived anywhere. I was born in Kansas City, MO, lived in ME, PA, WV & NY. As a transplant to this city I am a constant observer. As I drive from the East-side to the West-side of the city I notice the beauty, the hustle and bustle and the heart that this amazing city has to offer. I have lived here ten years.

4 | I love to sing. I sing in the car really loud. I used to be in the show choir, the madrigal choir, musical theatre, the school chorus and my church choir all at the same time, a scheduling nightmare. I am not involved in organized music at this time, although I love to go see Lounge Kitty ( perform and daydream of someday getting back involved in music.

5 | You have the occasion, I have the card. As a designer I take pleasure and delight in a gorgeous greeting card. Small hand letter pressed masterpieces are my favorites. I keep a very organized portfolio filled with tabbed dividers fro any and all occasions. Having a baby, moving into a new apartment, Bon Voyage, just engaged, thank you for dinner…I have just the card for you!

6 | Small everyday patterns in nature excite the me. The other day I was stopped at a red light and out my window noticed the bark on the trunk of a tree. It was a pure geometric natural formation, a pattern that one could replicate, but nature perfected. The structure of a honeycomb. The way the sand ripples on the beach when the tide goes out. The simple but elegant design of a snowflake. All patterns, designs of nature that inspire, excite and intrigue me.

To continue my tag-duties, I must recommend six blogs that I read. Enjoy!

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