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  Gibbs Butcher Block at the old mill

Hey you! The other day I went on an adventure. I had sent my friend an early morning text (I’m talking 7am-ish) about kicking of Memorial Day weekend by going for plants and flowers before going into work. She had the genius idea to head out to a large wholesale greenhouse and fill my car with flats of crawling greens, succulents, herbs, pretty pansies, vines and so much more I can’t even begin to remember. All I know is that planting all the little beauties kept me busy for most of the following Saturday..tons of’s a good thing!

Anyhow, on our “operation plants” adventure I couldn’t help but to stop at the cutest butcher shop on the corner of Rt. 252 and Sprague in Columbia Station. Gibbs Butcher Block at the Old Mill the largest butcher shop I have ever stumbled upon. Literally it had rows and rows of every type and flavor of sausage one could imagine. From tequila lime pork, to Great Lakes beer infused meat and if you like hot sausage..check out the cherry bomb sausage. MORE! →

  Our vibrant hometown!

Morning & happy Monday everybody. Hope you had a great weekend and are gearing up for the ultimate summer kick off, Memorial Day weekend. Let the countdown begin!

I was out of town over the weekend in our sister city of Detroit. Wow, there are some CRAZY drivers up their in MI…but the fact that they have a new IKEA makes it very attractive for a weekend visit. Usually we visit the Pittsburgh location, but due to a family event we stopped into that one and let me just say SO MUCH BETTER! Newer store, furniture-pick-up all in one place, more product stock and overall lighter and brighter. Highly recommend.

Now, onto today’s quick post…did you see the new Sherwin Williams billboard on the side of their Prospect Ave headquarters? A partnership between area ad agency Adcom and artists GV Art + Design this vibrant mural represents all of our city’s prominent landmarks. It is a great visual celebration of our city, THANKS SW for investing in our city, we are lucky to have you as a strong Cleveland business.

The new banner features the following landmarks and icons…

• Terminal Tower
• Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
• Quicken Loans Arena
• Main Avenue Bridge
• Progressive Field
• Fountain of Eternal Life, also known as the War Memorial Fountain
• West Side Market
• Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse
• Goodtime III
• Global Center for Health and Innovation
• FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns
• Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bridge #463
• Key Tower
• Guardians of Traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge
• Wind Turbine
• Veterans Memorial Bridge, also known as the Detroit Superior Bridge
• Lolly the Trolley 

Have a great Monday everyone, looking forward to a hot holiday countdown week!

  Giveaway : GV Art & Design T-shirt

Happy Tuesday yall. Fun stuff today at “iheart” the guys of GV Art & Design have offered one lucky reader one of their stylish and well-designed CLE shirts.

I picked out a few of my favorites to share and show today. From all the non-sensical weather we’ve been having, to celebrating Superman to a chic “lovely” shirt, these three are just a sampling of all their great work.  You can see them all at their online store here. 

To win one of their t-shirts tweet me (@iheartclev) which @gvartwork shirt you would proudly wear. (ex : @iheartclev, I heart the “Totem Pole” tee made by @gvartwork!) Winner will be drawn on April 30th. Good luck to you.

  Gotta Groove Records & Record Store Day

So, last year I was craving the tunes of my childhood past, the sound of the needle as it hit the vinyl, the small nuances of melody and harmony as the blended together on the turntable…I wanted a record player!

After some vintage store scouring and lots of online shops I settled on a small portable number that calls my dining room bar cart home. The sounds of vintage and new vinyl music can warm up any dinner conversation.

Well, knowing that this Saturday is National Record Store Day, I set out to see what was going on in Cleveland for the celebration. Not only did I find a wonderful list of all the record stores in Cleveland, I also stumbled upon an actual vinyl record manufacturer, right here in Cleveland!With that, I called Vince at Gotta Groove Records about coming in for a tour.

A lawyer by trade, Vince founded this business out of passion for vinyl records. His love of music and his knowledge that vinyl was “making a comeback” made the transition from attorney to small business owner a fun challenge.

“All of our equipment was sourced from another manufacturer that was closing in New Jersey” explained Vince. After bringing the retro album-making equipment the Gotta Groove team brought in a master record maker to teach them things like how to physically run the presses, tweak the sound, check for imperfections in the records and other small nuances important to the trade.

Q : How many grooves are there on a vinyl record?
A : 1 groove on each side, so 2! (most people think each song is a groove, not so.)

Q : How is the sticker applied to the center of the vinyl album?
A : It is actually heat pressed into the vinyl record during production (most people think it is a sticker that is applied at the end of the process)

Q : “What is the most bizarre record manufacturing request you’ve ever encountered?”
A : “We once were asked to place ashes into a special edition album, come to find out it they were ashes from a German Bible from the 1800’s, overall those records didn’t sound the best”

Thanks to Vince and the rest of the team at Gotta Groove for showing us around the plant and for all the great record facts and stories. If you are ever in the mood for a tour, Vince is a stellar tour guide and welcomes interest in his music making manufacturing passion.

So this weekend, get out your record players and celebrate National Record Store Day…Go Vinyl!

  American Greetings to stay

Almost a month has passed and I’m not sure if I even recognized the big announcement…that Northeast Ohio creative conglomerate, American Greetings has agreed to keep their location in the Cleveland vicinity!

Now all you card loving, lettering and illustration experts, pattern and photography artists can rest at peace for awhile knowing you won’t have to relocate. Thank goodness as I have a handful of good “AG” pals I would hate to see leave. THANK GOODNESS!

Another thing…a little birdie told me the AG Spring Show is scheduled for Friday, April 15th. So call you AG-best-ies to inquire about the private event, who, what, where and when’s! It’s a really neat art show showcasing many of AG’s talents. Hope to see you there!