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  sports AND shopping…

What could be better?

Have you checked out the new Cavaliers Team Shop? Well, if you haven’t I swear you are in for a treat.

Remember when you used to attempt to squeeze into the small gift shop, pushing and shoving your way through the racks of jerseys, hoddies, warm up pants and more? Now everything is spread out for your shopping pleasure. They expanded to open up another floor, added a tv so you can stay in touch with the action as well as an ENTIRE new line of team apparel.

I have to say, for someone who really isn’t a huge team clothing fan, there were a few things that caught my eye, especially the retro blue and orange line.

Looking for something to do on your downtown work lunch break? Go take a walk over, it’s really cool. GREAT JOB CAVS!


Driving from a meeting today, I did a double take when I spotted the sweatband around on of the the “Guardians of Traffic” on the Hope Memorial Bridge (formerly the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.) An immediate U-turn to investigate more. Whoever is responsible for these amazing works of art is my HERO! They are AMAZING!!!

For today, they hold the chilly rain from getting into the statues eyes…for tonight they hold our win and our pride to Cleveland. GO CAVS!

(seriously, if you know anything about this public display of art, I’d love to know more…YOU ROCK!)

  It’s a CAVS weekend!

Whether you attend the official PNC Cavaliers Watch Party for Game 3…the Cavs vs. Boston Celtics—at Quicken Loans Arena on Friday, May 7th, (Doors open @ 6pm with live game action on ESPN featured on Q-Tube @ 7pm, tickets $6) or you are having a group of friends over for Friday night fun, or your Sunday plans include a trip to your neighborhood “watering” hole be sure to cheer on our CAVS to victory.