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  Pecha What? (07/30)

Friday, July 30th, 2010

PechaKucha Night! Japanese for “the sound of conversation,” this exciting evening features 14 “speakers,” each sharing on topics ranging from art, architecture, and technology to food, film, music, photography and furniture design. These rapid-fire, 400 second long presentations (20 slides per presenter X 20 seconds per slide) keep audiences engaged while breaking down barriers between different design communities.

On July 30th, 2010 at 7:00pm, the courtyard at the Hoyt Block in the Warehouse District will open up for the first time in 10 years to host a dynamic event that has touched over 300 cities across the world: PechaKucha Night (PKN).

I’ll be presenting on the topic of “Everything Chartreuse,” from the color, the liquor, the place…to examples of design. I look forward to seeing you, meeting you there!

Who: Open to the Public (and FREE)
Where: The Courtyard of the Hoyt Block, 700 West St. Clair, Cleveland, Ohio
Enter through Hoyt Block Main Entrance on St. Clair

Event Schedule: Doors Open @ 7:00pm Presentations Begin: 8:20pm Beverage Break: 9:10pm Presentations Resume: 9:40pm
Presentations End: 10:30pm(ish)

After Party Immediately After PechaKucha – Velvet Dog, West 6th Street

  FREE family theatre in the city.

Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan is proud to announce Song of the Seekers, a new play developed by CPT’s inner-city teen theatre, STEP (Student Theatre Enrichment Program)

Inspired by a two thousand-year-old ancient Indian text STEP’s ensemble of inner-city teens reveal personal dreams, hardships and victories with their original play, Song of the Seekers. An inventive remix of Shudraka’s classic comedy, The Little Clay Cart, this family-friendly performance explores the artist’s life and the struggle to be truthful in a society addicted to products and punch lines. Packed with a cappella singing, dance, beat-boxing, rhythm and rhyme, Song of the Seekers is about finding true love, freedom, and artistic authenticity in a complicated world.

Song of the Seekers, a new play by CPT’s STEP, is the culmination of an eight week program. Using Shudraka’s writings as a starting point, CPT Teaching Artists, have guided these extraordinary young people on a journey of self-discovery and awareness through the dramatic arts.

The fun, free performances begin this week, to see the entire summer calendar of free perfromances, visit cpt’s website.

Thursday, July 29, 7PM, Herman Park

(W. 58th & Herman + Rain Location: CPT)

Friday, July 30, 7PM, Fairview Park in Ohio City

(W.38th & Franklin + Rain Location: Westside UCC)

Saturday, July 31, 7PM, Harmody Park

(Irving Ave & South Hills Dr + Rain Location: TBA)

  Back to Basics!

Another weekend in Cleveland is upon us, and what fun! TGIF.

You guys know I am always up for a party, a soirée perhaps? But this weekend I am hoping to get back to summer basics. Throw on my flip flops, braid up my hair and take my bike out for a spin or two.

The beach seems like a perfect plan, or perhaps my city pool. If I’m in the mood to roll down my windows and drive out of the city a burger from the festival might be yummy. If I can get out of bed from all the summer fun, a bit of downward dog to LIVE music on Sunday followed by some tasty treats in Tremont.

There is always something fantastic to get yourself into in Cleveland…JUST DO IT!