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  CLE in Cali @ CAMP

Happy Friday everybody. Looks like it’s gonna be another wonderful weekend in Northeast Ohio. Lots of fun stuff to do around town, from those great (food themed) road races, to checking out the Cleveland flea, to perhaps some friend time and maybe even a bit of beach time depending if the weather warms up a bit.

For me, I am currently in Big Bear CA attending a creative conference/CAMP experience. My Seattle-sister and I thought this years annual meet-up needed a bit more than cocktails and shopping (gasp!) so we decided to gain some business and social media insight with a touch of archery, tie-dyeing and camp dances.

The theme for the long weekend is “Cultivate Ambition, Map Possibilities,” I can’t wait to come back to CLE with all sorts of ideas of how to enhance our design client project work, give back creative ideas to my community, perhaps have a few new camp pals on my twitter feed (including photographer & camp workshop instructor Bonnie Tsang nd textile designer, Erin Dollar also a camp instructor) and maybe even perfect my rope climbing skills.

While I am sleeping in a cabin, parent trap-style I hope everyone has a wonderful June weekend. Looking forward to connecting next week as for now I have NO cell reception…dying slightly inside but trying to find the beauty in the quiet!

XO from CLE in Cali, peace

  Being social!

Hey friends, did I tell you how excited I am to have scored one of the coveted tickets to this summer’s Alt Design Summit NYC conference? I’m psyched.

You see, besides posting about all things happening in the CLE; I regularly scour the web for every inspiring design tip, striking image and “how-to” story that I can soak up in my creative head.

As a professional designer I love to surround myself with other creatives and what better location to be infused with creativity than at the offices of the queen of creativity, Martha Stewart. The conference will be hosted by Ms. Martha and her amazing team of creatives at the MSL Omnimedia offices (eeeekkk!)

So I am starting to prep for the workshop and I am doing a bit of blog updating and writing homework. I’m cleaning up my pinterest palace (@charity216) and making a conscious effort to tweet and “RT” on a more regular basis (@iheartclev) I’m exploring new photo apps to share pics on instagram (@charity216) and even making movies on the latest and greatest the creepy, crawly Vine (@iheartcleveland). So much to do in so little time.

Before I know it I will be surrounded by other bloggy, blogsters covered in polka dots and neon prints, this years floral pants and sassy sandals. Spending time sharing tips with one another about life/blog balance, creative apps and design business successes.

This summer can’t come soon enough but this past weekend warm Cleveland temps sure were a treat! Happy Tuesday.

  "Sustainable" Creation

Last week I had the privilege of attending one of the most inspiring, insightful conferences around. No, it was not another design conference where we got together to talk fonts, paper and alternative printing options…this was a conference about world change! The Global Forum 2009 : Business as an Agent of World Benefits…pretty heavy stuff.

As I sat through lectures, round table brainstorms and paper discussions one thing I took away is that each of us, little by little can add up to greatness. By doing one small thing, having one conversation, taking time to read and question, expanding our thoughts, sharing your vision…the GLOBAL world can only be a better place. (Oh and don’t forget the idea of sustainability in everything you consume and design moving forward…I almost forgot.)

During the conference there were many ideas on display, lots of public-sharing and enthusiasm of new ideas. What if there was an “American Idol” of the most sustainable organization in the world? Do you think millions of people would tune in and vote? What if there was a government mandate, a tax credit program for businesses to do good? Would executives set aside more time in their days to give back? What if there were temporary places; spaces that could exist to become a hub of inner-city community wellness? Would residents flock to the possibilities or look the other way? My mind was swirling of open ended thoughts, how could I get my arms around everything?

Then I came upon a really great visual, an idea, a design solution. Cleveland Institute of Art; environmental design student, Abby Bickel ( had put much thought into the idea of “architecture as a catalyst for change”…what’s not to love, I had to share.

Her project, appropriately titled “Socialscape” hits on the idea of developing a central space for human interaction as well as community growth, making neighborhoods “sustain.” “With Socialscape, I conceptualized an experience that would provoke our senses and encourage social interactions, strengthen the community, provide a way for us to collectively identify ourselves as individuals within the larger context to our urban landscape and ultimately improve the quality of our lives,” explained Bickel.

Amy told the story as if the space might exist in Lincoln Park in the heart of Tremont…Cleveland. Take a peak at Amy’s extensive renderings, she makes it very easy to want to pitch in and make socialscape truly exist as more than a great idea.

Cleveland is filled with big thinkers, (hence hosting a GLOBAL conference here) artists, designers, philosophers, educators and more. This conference was only a catalyst for discussion. Tap into your sphere and have those discussions of greatness, of growth, of world change. You’d be surprised how others are interested too.

Thanks to Amy for allowing me to share her idea with you. Amy, I look forward to attending the “socialscape” opening, I promise to help, I love your concept! Keep up the wonderful sustainable creative work.