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  Trot Home Grand Opening (12/05)

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

There is a new kid in town…a new home decor destination that is celebrating their Grand Opening this Saturday. What could be more fun than an afternoon trip to downtown Peninsula to explore the new store, Trot Home, while you are there, visit Winking Lizard for a Christmas Ale or Cranberry-tini to kick off your holiday festivities!

I won’t give you all the details because my friends over at Orange Beautiful posted the complete story and some great photos of the store, so make sure to read the entire article there.

I plan on visiting the store at some point from now until Christmas..a new lamp, a throw pillow, perhaps a reupholstered stool…you can never have too many! PLUS, if you visit THIS Saturday during the open house, Trot Home is offering a 10% discount, every penny counts!

  Burton Antique Fair (6/06)

For more show details visit

  Iced Coffee Day (4/21)

For a store location near you visit

  Winter Beach Love

“Oh baby it’s cold outside” streamed through my mind as I set out to capture the winter and the lake this past weekend…

The sun was out in full effect but there were no sunbathers, no picnics and hardly a seagull to be seen this afternoon at Edgewater Park Beach. There were however shimmery ice crystals, dagger-like icicles and snow encrusted saplings. The air whipped across my cheeks with every photo I snapped, the sound of waves crashing over the hardness of ice was a different tune than those of the summer waves. Cold and hard, yet melodic, evolving and true. Nature is an amazing creature so fragile and yet so strong. How do the little plants live through this harsh winter, yet in a few months they will lift their little heads and awaken with Miss Spring? I am always in awe of our gorgeous Cleveland winters.

I know it may not be your number one destination throughout these “below-zero” days, but I would highly recommend a pair of mittens and an afternoon adventure to the beach, where the sand cracks like walking on glass and the wind sings a tune of pure exhilaration.

  Larchmere Festival (6/28)

Saturday, June 28th 2008

This Saturday if you can dodge the predicted rain and thunderstorms make your way over to Larchmere Blvd in Shaker Heights for an old-time street festival. This fest comes complete with an antique & flea sale, unique food from area vendors, local music and the famed Euclid Beach Rocket Car PLUS special sales by the Larchmere merchants.

From junk to jewels and kitsch to collectible! A distinguished sale of sundry and varietal goods ranging from the old, ordinary and useful to the sublime, cool and collectible. Don’t miss out..perhaps I could get more buttons to add to my collection…or teapots…or white pottery…I bet they will have great stuff!

Larchmere Boulevard will not be closed to traffic, so you’ll be able to park on the boulevard itself, as well as various parking lots and sidestreets. In particular, three local parking lots will be available: the lot at LifeSkills on Larchmere and E. 121st St, the lot at Our Lady of Peace Church on Shaker Blvd at E. 126th St., and the parking lot at Fairhill Center at Fairhill and E. 119th St. All are in walking distance to the festivities on Larchmere, and the Euclid Beach Rocket Car can help with transportation between 1:00-4:00pm.

For a detailed Map, directions, and download the official event PDF at