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Driving from a meeting today, I did a double take when I spotted the sweatband around on of the the “Guardians of Traffic” on the Hope Memorial Bridge (formerly the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.) An immediate U-turn to investigate more. Whoever is responsible for these amazing works of art is my HERO! They are AMAZING!!!

For today, they hold the chilly rain from getting into the statues eyes…for tonight they hold our win and our pride to Cleveland. GO CAVS!

(seriously, if you know anything about this public display of art, I’d love to know more…YOU ROCK!)

a busy weekend in CLE

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Wow, have we a busy weekend or what Cleveland??? Feel like a dance party with a wrestling twist? Don’t miss Front Room’s “Ultimate Chapped & Chaffed Wrestling Federation International Extreme Entertainment Fighting Championship.” Beginning at 9:00pm, wear your dancing shoes. … Continue reading

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  happy hot & hazy day!

As a Cleveland “Westsider,” I always see the city from one way…check out this view of it from the “Eastside”….lookin good Cleveland!

  Where in Cleveland?

Over the weekend I spent some time driving around enjoying the snow fall and chilly winter weather. It’s amazing how things sometimes look different with a fresh coating of fallen snow.

I drove by this old E.B. Brown Opticians painted building mural and couldn’t resist asking you, do you know where this mural is?

I was driving to my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army on Euclid & 55th) and the mural was on 30th and Danford (between Superior & Payne)

I love old murals, vintage cleveland, painting and more…this find was AWESOME!