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  1-tank trip : Columbus

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a Saturday, 1-tank trip to Columbus. The skies were bright blue and while 71S was swarming with police cars we managed to make it there in just over two hours with no stops.

We arrived to a quiet Columbus starting our morning with breakfast at North Star Cafe on High Street. Not only was the breakfast yummy, the unlimited magazines and people watching was even better. After breakfast we headed to the new Rothko exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. It was awesome, a three room intensive on the life of the artist and how his works once more figurative morphed into intense color studies. Also along with the Rothko exhibit there is this fascinating exhibit of Czech puppets on display in the other galleries, almost as cool as Rothko, but also sorta creepy. You have to check it out! MORE! →

  Support OUR Market!

Morning CLE! It’s another wintery 2-sock day here and this week looks like it’s gonna keep coming; a perfect weekend to hit the slopes for sure!

I wanted to take today to chat about our amazing West Side Market and the recent fire tragedy. It was crazy, because while we usually do shop there pretty regularly the weekend prior to the outbreak we had made a special shopping excursion to find the perfect cut’s of beef, the most fresh mushrooms and an adorable bag of fresh pearl onions (no frozen ones for me) to make my first attempt at Julia Child”s boeuf bourguignon. The entire weekend was focused on this one recipe and the market vendors really added to the romance of the entire experience. Needless to say how sad I was when I hear the news of the fire, as many of us were…speechless.

Last weekend for the super bowl we would normally head to the market for chicken, cheese, perhaps a few pizza bagels? What were we going to do to continue the support of these area vendors? (Cue finding business card from the previous weekend shopping trip from Fricakaccios in my market shopping bag)

We were having a few people over to watch the big game and so rather than order pizza from our usual suspects we decided to try out our favorite pizza bagel stand and head to Fairview Park for Fricakaccios. Not only do they make the best pizza bagels in town, the make all sorts of pizza’s, special to-go options, Italian sandwiches and more. I mean check out the pic I snapped of what was a CHEESBURGER PIZZA! Sounds sorta weird; I know, but honestly I tried it and it was as good as your favorite patty melt served atop of some pizza dough. Bonus, the people at this location were so kind they even carried my order out to the car!

When asked about their market location, a little sadness fell over the team, it broke my heart. I explained that we had searched them out to do our part at supporting them as part of our market community; it brought back their Ohio-proud smiles.

This week there are many opportunities that you can get involved with to support the market and all the tried and true vendors. From the fundraiser at Market Garden Brewery tomorrow night, to the local musicians that will be performing Saturday at the Five O’Clock in Lakewood. Find your own  way to support those vendors who have been closed and without a paycheck during these cold Cleveland winter months. It’s the least we can do for our special place food memories are made. We HEART you West Side Market; get well soon.

(photo : amazing cheeseburger pizza, complete with pickles!)

  Helvetica café : Lakewood

Morning CLE! Here’s to another chilly wet day in north east Ohio. Perfect excuse for that extra large latté, that big bowl of chili or something warm and scrumptious that you might not otherwise indulge in; heck going on day #6 of this weather…we all deserve a treat!

The other day during all this rain and nastiness I had the pleasure of checking out the new juice bar and cafe located on the east end of Lakewood – Helvetica. As a designer by day the swiss type reference intrigued myself and my colleagues enough to peel ourselves away from typical lunch “pinning” and venture out into the rain for a potential new lunch hot spot!

Helvetica exceeded our expectations all around. The menu of savory tacos, sweet crepes, tropical fruit juices and fair trade coffee was well priced and super satisfying. The service was friendly and really knowledgeable about all the unique fruity drinks on the menu (what’s a lulo fruit?) and last the space was a funky mix of design elements and coffee house cool including a small design reference library for all you typeface nerds like myself!

Check out their facebook page for daily specials. Stop by on your way downtown in the a.m. for coffee and a bit of bakery. Host your next committee meeting there for tacos. Support local!

  Ice cream & cocktails!

We have heard the buzz that Great Lakes Brewing Company and Mitchell’s Ice Cream were partnering for a new holiday flavor…a zero waste partnership per say…well, as of Tuesday, the new sweet treat is out. Get yourself a pint of the “Gingersnap Christmas Ale” creamy ice cream and a pint of the actual spicy alcoholic brew and kick of the holiday season Cleveland style!

If ice cream and beer aren’t your thing, you might be interested to know about my favorite libation at the new improved Crop Bistro, “Mr. Figgy!”  Their homemade fig infused Makers Mark, rhubarb bitters, fig reduction with a slice of sugar coated, bruléed bacon (making a perfect swizzle stick) is simply sweet and salty heaven. The new Crop is stunning, the drinks are stiff and the food is not only beautiful but yummy and unique. You’ve got to check it out!

Happy Thursday Cleveland. Cheers to a city filled with great food, sweets and cocktails for all!

  Summer yummies!

Morning CLEV! Only a few more work days until we embark on the first summer holiday weekend. Kicking off beach season at a warm & sunny 70 degrees!

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of attending two new food and spirits tastings/introductions.

The first was the opening of the rather new Washington Place patio. Owner Scott has cleaned it up, added some new landscaping and even carved out a special private table for those romantic outdoor evenings. That evening Scott and his team carved up a pig for the group to enjoy. I must admit that while I determined pig skin is not my thing, deviled eggs made with a touch of bacon fat was, super yummy! We all enjoyed the outdoor barbeque AND the new Washington Place patio. Great job Scott, thanks for introducing us to your new summer patio destination.

The next little delight I was introduced too was the new boutique spirit called Crav vodka (  Local entrepreneur Tom Rini (a St Ignatius Grad) shared his story or passion and the learning curve it took to get his own vodka up and running. He told us about the high-quality distillery process and what goes into starting your own vodka line. The tasting was held at Pier W (Love that place!) who’s mixologist whipped up a few lovely cocktails using the new Crav product. The vodka was clean and fresh, not bitter or rubbing alcohol like it could easily be sipped chilled. The vodka is slowly making it’s debut in area bars and restaurants including some of great places like Fahrenheit and Market. Next time you order your summer vodka tonic, specify Crav in your cocktail. Good luck Tom and thank you for having us!