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  CLE in Cali @ CAMP

Happy Friday everybody. Looks like it’s gonna be another wonderful weekend in Northeast Ohio. Lots of fun stuff to do around town, from those great (food themed) road races, to checking out the Cleveland flea, to perhaps some friend time and maybe even a bit of beach time depending if the weather warms up a bit.

For me, I am currently in Big Bear CA attending a creative conference/CAMP experience. My Seattle-sister and I thought this years annual meet-up needed a bit more than cocktails and shopping (gasp!) so we decided to gain some business and social media insight with a touch of archery, tie-dyeing and camp dances.

The theme for the long weekend is “Cultivate Ambition, Map Possibilities,” I can’t wait to come back to CLE with all sorts of ideas of how to enhance our design client project work, give back creative ideas to my community, perhaps have a few new camp pals on my twitter feed (including photographer & camp workshop instructor Bonnie Tsang nd textile designer, Erin Dollar also a camp instructor) and maybe even perfect my rope climbing skills.

While I am sleeping in a cabin, parent trap-style I hope everyone has a wonderful June weekend. Looking forward to connecting next week as for now I have NO cell reception…dying slightly inside but trying to find the beauty in the quiet!

XO from CLE in Cali, peace

  celebrate earth

Hi everybody, happy Monday and even better HAPPY EARTH DAY! What a wild weekend weather-wise don’t you think? Literally Friday it was warm with a spring-like breeze, then Saturday morning we had suspicious white flakes and Sunday while the sun was pretty it was chilly again. Come on CLE weather fairy it’s time to warm things up.

Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day over the weekend? I mean, besides recycling your wine bottles or picking up friends to go out, carpooling to save on gas. I know that the big festival presented by the Earth Day Coalition was held at the Berea Fairgrounds yesterday, I’m glad they had great weather too.  I believe the celebration of Mother Earth used to be at the zoo but so many people wanted to celebrate they were looking for a larger venue, so that’s cool.

If you took the day off work today to celebrate but now have decided you actually don’t want to do spring yard clean up and you’d rather stay indoors…HGTV is hosting an all day marathon of my personal go-to show Love it or List it! It’s half remodel show, half chartacter development and a game show all rolled into one hour of home improvement fun. If you’ve never seen it, now is the time to check it out.

Yesterday I was in the backyard of our new-ish home when I noticed these little violets trying their best to lift their faces and smile towards the sun to celebrate spring and how happy they are to be nesteled at the edge of our patio. I couldn’t help but smile and be happy that while most of the yard is still a cool shade of gray green, these charmers were a vibrant pop of purple in all their glory.

Happy Earth Day Cleveland. I hope you can get outside and explore your yard, your community, a local park or beach. Find something that makes you thankful it’s almost spring summer in the CLE and be thankful that the Month of May is quickly approaching! Cheers.

  Roller Disco Bash (8/28)

Friday, August 28th, 2009

7-10pm : Leff Electric building, 1163 East 40th St., Cleveland, 44114 : Free!

  A Night Out With the Stars (8/20)

Thursday, Aug 20th (new moon), 2009

Join Museum naturalists and astronomers (Clyde Simpson, Judy Semroc & Larry Rosche) for a night of music (from the insects) and bright lights (from the stars) at the beautiful Wendtwood Preserve. Discover what comes alive when the sun goes down. Bring a flashlight and your night vision. Telescopes will be set up for the astral viewing.

9 to 11 pm Location specifics will be revealed when you register. Members: $6; nonmembers: $8. Limit 20. To register visit

  Mobile Encounters (4/05)

Sunday April 5th, 2009

Downtown Cleveland, from Public Square to Playhouse Square. This Sunday after the Rock Hall inductions. Let’s show the out-of-towners that downtown has some cool kids running around town. :) Show the Rock Hall inductees that Cleveland’s Cool.

Open to all creative, eco-minded, fun-loving, fun-living folks. Play in the street. Discover downtown. Try transportation methods like walking, biking, skateboarding, car-sharing, car-pooling, trains, busses, scooters and maybe even ponies.

Some of Sunday’s downtown events include…Bike polo • Ice cream bike • Heelsplitter bicycle (traveling bluegrass band) • Bike decorating • Bike maps from NOACA • Erie Island coffee samples • Poets on the RTA Healthline • Costumed bears on the Healthline • Glenda the Goodwitch floating around the streets • Free pedometers from COSE • and much more!

I hope it is warmer than today, currently it is supposed to be 56! But if not, we can all pull out our mittens and leg warmers one last time! Free and open to the piblic. 2-5pm for more information visit