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  Put in Bay overnight with Jet Express


Hello friends. How’s your week going? I am so excited that we are headed to a long, holiday weekend ahead. We have our little guys 3rd birthday and are having some family in town so it should be a fun few days. Now, fingers crossed for sunshine and no rain!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Put-In-Bay thanks to our friends at Jet Express. We managed to leave work on time and arrived in Port Clinton just in time to catch the 7pm boat and were welcomed with open arms by their friendly staff! The boat captain tracked down our little guy to make him official co-captain of the ship by “pinning” him with wings… to say he was excited would be an understatement.



It was a great ride, nice and flat…smooth sailing as we arrived in the Bay. We got off the boat and enjoyed the walk through the town park. Of course we couldn’t resist a stop at the seal statues and the multiple playgrounds. The mayflies were out in full effect but that didn’t bother our guy as he crawled right over them up the slide and down the climbing wall, he loved being free to run and play in the park.


We finally pried him away from the monkey bars and made our way through town to our home away from home for the night: The Put-In-Bay Resort & Conference Center. The staff was so welcoming and put us up in one their recently remodeled rooms; they were really so nice. Our room had a glass walled shower with a stone floor (felt so nice on my feet!), new beds, stylish artwork and a view of the resorts palm tree water fountains. It was located very central in town, just behind the main drag but also close to the grocery store.


Once we got settled in we hit up the PIB Candy Store for island sugar rations. I’m not sure who liked this place better, Mr. C or the toddler, HA! This store is great, it’s filled with so many nostalgic sweets from homemade fudge, a collection of Pez and candy necklaces to more modern candy technology including mini m&m’s and nerd ropes! I got a small roll of hard butterscotch candies which I am still enjoying, they remind me of being a kid.

After a few more laps around town it was time to take our toddler to bed. We tried our best to stay up late, watch an in-room movie and have a drink but to be completely honest all three of us crashed by 9pm we were beat.


The next morning we awoke to the sounds of rain. It was literally POURING cats and dogs outside…we were kinda at a loss as to what we were going to do with our time on the island in a downpour. We had a lazy morning in the hotel room and then the sky opened up just enough for us to go grab a golf cart with a rain cover, so that was awesome. We had a nice breakfast and then swung by the grocery store for matching family ponchos to keep us dry. We drove the golf cart all around the island, exploring the homes and monuments, shops and beaches in the rain. We didn’t let the weather get the best of us and really were having a great morning…dancing and singing in the rain. Too silly for sure.


We were psyched when we made it over to Perry’s Cave to explore the infamous cave under the island. Perry’s Cave is a natural limestone cave that is full of Put-In-Bay history and folklore. The guys really thought the tour was cool but honestly I felt a little claustrophobic down there. It was also pretty chilly down there which makes it a great place to escape the summer heat and cool off.


After the cave we visited the Butterfly House. Built in 2004 this greenhouse is home to over 50 types of exotic butterflies. There were seriously SO MANY gorgeous species, and they seemed so happy to be living it their own little Put-In-Bay paradise. We loved this place as it was warm and smelled so fragrant from all the gorgeous flowering plants. Our little guy ran circles around the pretty butterflies while we enjoyed a few minutes of rest on the inside gazebo. It was a great spot to explore with a little one.


Once he had finished running around it was my turn to pick what was next so we went across the street to one of the islands two wineries, Heineman’s Winery for a wine sample and a cheese break. The wine was very good, not sweet /dry, just how we like it. The cheese plate was a great sharing option for the whole gang. They even had straight up grape juice for the kids to try. It was super family friendly and welcomed everyone from in out of the rain. Check out how pretty their geranium window boxes are…at least something was benefitting from all of the rain. :)


From there we decided we were actually really hungry for lunch and so we took our golf cart back downtown to the Boardwalk Restaurant for lobster rolls, fries and a cold beer to cap off the adventure. I wish I had a picture of this to share…but I was so excited when we got them that I ate them before I could snap a pic. But even without a picture to share I can tell you they were DEELISH!!! I highly recommend them.

So after all the morning fun we decide to escape the rain and hop on board the next Jet Express out of town and head back to land. We sat down below to stay dry and enjoyed the roll of the waves below. It was a great overnight and the perfect amount of time to have your toddler with you on the Island. before we left he kept asking if we were going to ”Adventure Island” and boy OH BOY was it an adventure..but so fun! We will for sure bring him back some other time…but maybe next time we go, it will be just me, Mr. C and Mojito Bay!! HA HA! Happy Summer trip to the Islands everyone. I hope my experience excites you to go explore!

SPONSORED :: Thank you to Jet Express who invited me to share and overnight at Put In Bay with my family as part of their social outreach. I received Jet Express tickets, an overnight at The Put In Bay Resort & Conference Center, entry into the cave, butterfly house, wine samples, our golf cart and a few other fun things in exchange for my review of the island happenings. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Lovely Paperie & Gifts in Rocky River


The other day I took a quick detour from going directly back to the studio to swing into the new Lovely Paperie & Gifts located across the bridge in Rocky River. This new boutique is stocked floor to ceiling with every gorgeous greeting card know to man. From glitter to neon, letterpress to gold foil, this store has hundreds of beautifully designed greeting cards for every occasion…I couldn’t decide who to buy for first.


This new store is also the westside destination for everything Lilly Pulitzer. Her bright-patterned shift dresses are the perfect summer wardrobe staple. They have all types of dresses and beach coverups and so many accessories with her well-known tropical prints. Plus, the section of the store is painted bright pink and so so pretty…I kinda wanted to move in.


One of the best parts of the new store is my friend Blair Ritchey’s wall of bags! Her one-of-a kind leather bags are my personal favorite around town. The leather is so soft and her color combinations are so on point. Did you know Blair cuts each of her bag tassels by hand? Yep! Each one a work of art. I am so glad you can go into Lovely and buy a Blair Ritchey bag up close and personal.



So next time you are looking for a card, a dress, perhaps a new handmade leather bag, look no further than the new Lovely Papery & Gifts in Rocky River. You might also want to check out their site as they host regular events at the store. So many fun vendors, specials and parties you won’t want to miss out! Have a great day & happy exploring everyone!


  A new baby (cocktail) sprinkle!


Hey friends! The Cavs game was WAY too STRESSFUL so I decided to edit photos from a recent party and share a few with you instead of solely watching the game! A few weekends ago my friends Danielle, Shibani and I hosted “a cocktail sprinkle” for our friends and soon-to-beparents; Reena and Jody.


It was great weather and so we tried to have most of the party on our patio…keeping the bar outside helped encourage everyone outside too. We made one signature bourbon cocktail, had rosé and bubbly as well as fancy beers and waters. For snacks we did a large charcuterie table consisting of cheese & crackers, veggies & green goddess dip, Falafel-chicken wraps and pita & hummus from Nates, so good.

Sprinkle_03Sprinkle_06 We didn’t do shower games, craft projects…heck, we didn’t even open any gifts that were brought for the Mom, Dad and little baby; instead we wished the couple well, made a few toasts and enjoyed spending time together on the gorgeous summer evening.

Sprinkle_05The desserts were seriously one of the best part of the evening. From the cupcakes from Luna to the macarons from Whole Foods to many of the tiny party details, it was such a sweet ending to the night. After the cocktail party we sent each guest home with their own baggy of girly-hued, french macarons. I think everyone left happy and full.

Sprinkle_04Reena and Jody, you guys are gonna be rocking cool parents. Your little babes is so lucky to have landed with some of Cleveland’s best parents around…super lucky little one. We love you! Thank you for allowing us three to plan your entire shower/sprinkle, we were honored! Happy “sprinkle.” Happy new CLE baby. Happy summer parties outside! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

  5 ways to be safe this summer in Cleveland!

Hey friends…it’s officially June and summer is here! As the weather warms and school lets out, our kids are eager for all-things-summer. It can be easy to blow off safety tips in the excitement of the season’s break, but us parents (and our children) should be aware of a few things before busting out the extra sunscreen and bug spray.

My friends over at Plevin & Gallucci, a Cleveland-based law firm (that handles personal injury and product liability cases,) offers five tips to keep our kids safe this summer:

1. Pack an emergency car kit. Your first thought as a parent during the summer may be centered around your upcoming family vacation. Are you planning a big road trip, or driving to a small getaway for a weekend? You’ll want to make sure you have all the essentials packed in your car.

IMG_1523Consider that just last year alone, Ohio was home to 305,964 traffic crashes, which caused 112,000 injuries and more than 1,100 deaths. Of those, 33 children younger than age 14 were killed and another 8,800 were hurt in crashes.

While there are a number of things you should get checked out on your vehicle before hitting the road — like your brakes, oil levels, fuel, and air filters — it’s also important to pack a few things in case of emergency. The Department of Homeland Security offers the following as top priorities for your car kit:
• Jumper cables
• Flashlights with extra batteries
• A first-aid kit, including necessary medications and diapers or formula, if you have a small child
• Some nonperishable food and water (at least one gallon per person a day for 3 days)
• Extra cellphone chargers?• Blankets or warm clothing for the evening

2. Don’t forget your helmets. One of the most common causes of unintentional injuries and related deaths among children is motor vehicle crashes, but many that occur from May through August also include drowning, falls, pedestrian incidents, and biking.

Each year, about 200 children in Ohio between the ages of 5 and 15 are admitted as hospital inpatients for the injuries they receive while riding a bike, with thousands more are treated in emergency rooms. Like using car seats or booster seats for young kids who ride in the car, it’s important to teach safe bicycle riding tips and to make sure they never leave the house without their helmet.

Head injuries are especially traumatizing for children — they’re much more likely to die from them than adults — and they account for 63% of bicycle fatalities, according to the Children’s Safety Network. Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by as much as 85 percent, and can cost less than $10.

3. Be careful at the pool. Statistics can be hard to swallow, but they’re deadly even with summer’s most popular activity: swimming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three children die every day in the U.S. as a result of drowning.


Make sure to always supervise your kids when they’re at the pool or near another body of water, and make it a fun activity to teach them how to swim. The Cleveland YMCA is just one local place for swim lessons, and includes specialty programs based on age or skill level.

Another thing to keep in mind with pool safety is the heat. You’ll hear more this time of year about the devastating consequences of leaving your child in the car — infants and children up to age 4 are at the most risk of heat-related illnesses, according to the CDC. Make sure to never leave your child in a parked car, keep him or her in lightweight and light-colored clothing, and limit your outdoor activities to the morning and evening the avoid the day’s hottest hours.

4. Make sure your favorite products are safe. Product recalls pop into the news seemingly every day. Whether it be pet food or your family’s favorite ice cream, there’s a lot we all need to pay attention to to ensure our safety — from the common peanut allergy warning to something serious for all children, like sharp objects or dangerous medicine. Defective products can surprisingly include some of our kids’ favorite things, too: really cool hoverboards for the teenagers, daily sippy cups for toddlers, or even our baby monitors.

You can sign up for recall alerts from the federal government here, but it’s also just a good idea to read your local newspaper every day or watch or listen to the news to stay abreast of product safety.

5. Consider additional safety training for your family. If you’re going swimming together regularly as a family this summer at any of Cleveland’s public pools, it could be fun to get CPR training together as well. If you have a pre-teen or teenager who is looking to earn some extra cash by babysitting one day, CPR is an invaluable skill to add to their resume.IMG_1200

Check out the American Red Cross’ available classes in town this summer, but remember: mix in some fun with all these safety tips!

Have a happy and healthy summer you guys, and don’t be afraid to contact the great people over at Plevin & Gallucci if you or a family member is ever injured in an accident or by a defective product and need help. Be safe Cleveland!

(Hope you enjoyed a few pics of our little “Toddler Ninja!” he is LOVING the latest warm weather and sunshine!)

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Plevin & Gallucci who invited me to share their summer safety tips as part of their social outreach. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Cedar Point Brews & BBQ!!!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Hope you all got to enjoy the unexpected sunny weekend and enjoyed the three day holiday with family and friends. With Nanna and Pappa in town, Mr. C and I decided to do an overnight away and took our talents up to Sandusky and Cedar Point for their Brew and BBQ; craft beer and barbecue tasting event…It was seriously a blast!


I gotta say, I was so impressed with everything about this “Point” special event. From the moment we walked through the gates (this year they have added a metal detection entrance which adds another level of family safety to the park..Nice job CP!) we were overwhelmed with the excitement in the air. The park was so clean and shiny, ready and waiting with open arms for the exciting season ahead.


The Brew & BBQ event is being held at the far end of the park in Frontier Town; really close to the newly opened Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. You buy a ticket for this special event and you receive a bracelet (saying you’re of legal drinking age) and a handful of tickets which can be used for sample beers, full beers, sample food or full sized food…and desserts! I typically am not a fan of beer tasting events, but honestly this event was the perfect mix of cold brews, incredible food (pulled pork nachos!) and some honest to goodness, Blue Grass Music…the whole event seemed perfect as a summer kick off.

IMG_1613I was excited to see some of my favorite breweries included in this years lineup…such as Market Garden Brewery, Rhinegeist (they had their latest invention “Bubbles” on hand..a blend of rosé, bubbles and cider…so awesome!) and Shock Top; which always has great summer brews. We ate some great BBQ including some with more sticky sweet sauces and others more vinegar based; all of them more delicious than the next.



Overall we had SO MUCH FUN just the two of us out for an evening of adult fun…and beer. From the games…we tried to win a big stuffed dog for “you know who” – but $20 later we still couldn’t get the ball in the red cup…to the shows; my show choir past draws me into the various theaters like a fly to the buzzing blue light. We waited in lines for our favorite coasters, the Millennium Force and my personal favorite; the Raptor. We ended the evening with a sunset trip on the vintage Sky Ride; built in 1962. It seriously was a perfect evening at the Point!

The Brews & BBQ event runs through June 11th. If you love beer, bbq, roller coasters, rides, games and shows…you should FOR SURE, HANDS DOWN get yourself out to the park to enjoy this awesome summer event that Cedar Point is hosting to get summer started!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Cedar Point who invited me to share their event as part of their social outreach. I received two park tickets in exchange for my review of their rocking event. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!