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  Last minute sweetie gifts!

Have you got your special someone a little something for tomorrow’s holiday? I just heard a radio commercial for getting your sweetie a gift at your neighborhood CVS…I almost died inside. I mean, not that I am above a huge box of Dove chocolates, a cheap bottle of red wine, an InStyle or Us Weekly Magazine, some new black liquid eyeliner, an itunes gift card or a few new lipsmackers…However, why would ANYONE shop at CVS for a gift when Cleveland has a plethora of talented creatives, hot spots & activities to support?

Looking for last minute…gifts that you can call an order in for or pick up tonight? Check out a few of my suggestions…

Flowers : Don’t call 1.800.Flowers, but instead support your local florist. Shops like V2V (Lakewood) and Urban Orchid (Cleveland) are two very stylish floral design shops. Give them a call for something unique for your sweetie. Also, there is also Heinen’s (also a local family owned  business) flower department which usually has fun little bouquets and plants, at a much more affordable cost than turning to the web.

Chocolate : This morning I saw a small plane in the air pulling a “CHOC” flag; I knew it was Malley’s right away. There is nothing like a Malley’s Chocolate covered pretzel and we all know they have chocolate covered strawberries for special occasions! besides Malley’s there is also the fine art of chocolate made by Lilly’s Handmade Chocolates (Tremont), a few of these make an impressive gift. Or, you could cure the chocolate craving with a red velvet cupcake from Cookie and A Cupcake or the recent America’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie (by Food & Wine Magazine) at Blackbird Bakery (Lakewood.) Seriously, so many wonderful options.

Jewelry : If you’ve ever been to any of the holiday indie craft shows you know there are so many wonderful jewelers in the area. But just as a reminder….guys…my friend Erica of On the Lookout Jewelry makes such detailed beaded pieces, your Valentine would love a necklace by her! Or “she” also loves Oceanne creations (especially the cupid earrings) (wink wink) Both of these jewelers sell to many of our little area boutiques so check out their websites or drop them an email to find out where you can score a last minute gift.

Food & Drinks : There are so many local places, I can’t even begin to list them all. However, I will say one option  I think is really cool is from Gatherings Kitchen located in Lakewood. Where you reserve your dinner, swing by on the way home and pick it up, reheat and voila a 4-course romantic dinner (including short ribs!) at home with NO clean up! $50 for the dinner feeds two lovebirds. Call NOW and you might still be able to reserve a dinner!

Activities : From the events at the Rock Hall, to a night out with the fish at the Aquarium, you could get all yoga twisty at a hot yoga class together or relax to the orchestra…find something special to do with your friends or honey to celebrate the day together. Get creative!

I hope some of my last minutes ideas were helpful and while I don’t mean to knock CVS…please people, we can do better than that! Happy (almost) Valentines!

  guest post : fall trends by Danielle DeBoe

Hey everyone and happy THURSDAY! I have been out of town for the past few days, a bit of work a touch of fun, happy to be back in the CLE area. I noticed when I pulled into my driveway I had missed all the leaves falling and am left with a big pile to rake up this weekend. So pretty, loving yellow leafy driveway.

Anyhow, I asked my good friend and fashionable advisor Danielle DeBoe if she would care to take the floor today and share with us  some great trends for fall fashion. As the owner of Room Service, Made in the 216 and co-founder of Dredgers Union, she is always in the know of what one should wear!

Thanks Danielle for the amazing post! (below) I particularly LOVE me some leopard prints and some blush tones…let’s shop soon! Oh, besides this amazing post, Danielle & I will be partnering on a fun holiday event, Wednesday December 7th, save the date, more details to come…now…onto fall fashion trends.

“Fall.  AKA: Autumn.  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love the hot hot heat, the longer days & sun-kissed skin of Falls’ predecessor: Summer, but I would willingly trade all of it in come October for the snuggly sweaters, leather boots, wool hats and layering opportunities afforded by Fall…it’s just a shame that it has to be followed quite so quickly by it’s replacement: Winter.  All of our seasons have their virtues, this is true, but it could be argued that none are quite as special as fall as no other incites quite as much excitement for fashion as this season.

I have compiled a couple examples of Fall trends for Women that I am particularly excited about and how my new store, with designer: Sean Bilovecky, The Dredgers Union, is offering some of these trends.

Geometric, color-blocked sweaters.

2. Quiksilver Cardigan AVAILABLE AT DREDGERS UNION now! Only $128. found HERE.

Now, if you ask me there is NEVER a time where hats are not appropriate or en vogue.  I will concede that some seasons play them up more than others and this Fall would be one of those seasons.  I am particularly fond of the breadth and variety of hats one should confidently be donning this season.  From the bowler to the fedora (it’s back), to the newsboy and cloche, it seems they are ALL relevant this season.

DU has many hats this season, the ones I have selected below are just a sampling.

Animal prints will be found on everything this season.  Outerwear, hats, handbags, blouses, even denim.  Personally, I LOVE this trend. I think a simple outfit of all neutrals or black and then ‘popping’ it with just the right amount of animal print is so compelling.  Fashion is about self-expression and this trend always reads to me as ‘fun’ and ‘self-confident’.  Above is a blouse and hat that will be found at Dredgers Union this fall.

Blush tones, baby pinks, feminine 40’s, and ballerina are all trends that are visible for fall (and well into Spring as I just learned at all the Spring 2012 shows in NYC).  Above is some inspiring examples of these trends found in magazines and on, below is a line drawing of a beautiful sheer pink and cream blouse that our women’s designer: Dana Hardy, has done for our Dredgers Union Private label line for Fall.  These styles will start arriving any day now into our store…

COLOR BLOCKING was here last Spring, here again for fall and here to stay well into Spring 2012 too.  Some of the best examples of this trend are happening for fall in rich jewel tones like COBALT BLUE.  Dana has designed a stunner of a dress for the holiday season color-blocked in cobalt Blue and black.  Her line drawing as well as some other examples of this trend are below:

Another trend is of preppy classics including fresh takes on plaids.  Dana has updated our DU private label boyfriend fit woven with a pleated detail at the sleeve and with this jewel-toned plaid.  I am so excited to get this little number in next week!

Trends are fun to play into and explore, but I really believe there are no rules in fashion.  It is a form of self-expression, it is about feeling good.  Have fun with this season, layer up within an inch of your life, or keep it really basic, just stand straight and keep your head high and you can get away with anything!

I hope to see you all around soon.  You can find me either at Room Service, planning for our upcoming MADE IN THE 216 event or over at Dredgers Union during the week.  Check out DU’s newly launched webstore here!  And thank you so much Charity for letting me play on your blog today, it was so much fun!!  xoxoxo Danielle

  fashion show @ unique thrift!

What can I say, I LOVE to swing into “Unique” on Lorain Ave (close to St Ignatius.) Besides the funky smell and the whining fluorescent light bulbs the store is filled with possibilities, “projects” and memories of fashion past (not a bad thing.)

This Saturday “Unique” is hosting it’s first ever “Spring Fashion Show.” I have NO idea how this event will go down but I do know it will be worth stopping in from 1-3pm just for the…A) special markdowns, B) the people watching will be incredible and C) did you know “Unique” offers FREE coffee for all shoppers?

I know this might sound a bit sassy, but truly I adore this store. I can’t tell you the number of “finds” I’ve scored there. Everything from a traditional Burberry trench to a fondue pot, from various silk kimono robes to numerous picture frames perfect for spray painting. The list goes on and on.

Cleveland, let’s support this store, stop in on Saturday to find out what the “hottest looks for spring & summer will be!”  See you there.

  Free Hepburn!

We know her for her beauty, her legacy and the numerous films the graced on the silver screens, but did you know Katharine Hepburn is being honored for her style and fashion excellence at Kent State University?

Dressed for Stage is the screen legend’s personal collection of performance clothes which spans her six-decade career and features never-before-exhibited costumes from stage, screen and television

After a series of sold-out pre-opening events and the 25 Years of Dazzle gala celebrating the museum’s 25th anniversary, the Kent State University Museum opens its highly anticipated exhibition Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen on Oct. 2, 2010, making its world premiere.

Would you and a friend (2 tickets) like to see the exhibit for free? Tell me your favorite Hepburn film, include your email and Friday at noon I will choose the winner!

  Made in the 216 (06/11&12)

I shouldn’t have to remind you, but just in case the 216″ is less than 4 days away! (Friday June 11th & Saturday June 12th)

For up to the minute show details visit miss mastermind Danielle’s blog I’m sure she will have fun stuff to say this week. We are so excited to see what creative displays and new artists she has unearthed. Hope to see you there.