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  Ice cream & cocktails!

We have heard the buzz that Great Lakes Brewing Company and Mitchell’s Ice Cream were partnering for a new holiday flavor…a zero waste partnership per say…well, as of Tuesday, the new sweet treat is out. Get yourself a pint of the “Gingersnap Christmas Ale” creamy ice cream and a pint of the actual spicy alcoholic brew and kick of the holiday season Cleveland style!

If ice cream and beer aren’t your thing, you might be interested to know about my favorite libation at the new improved Crop Bistro, “Mr. Figgy!”  Their homemade fig infused Makers Mark, rhubarb bitters, fig reduction with a slice of sugar coated, bruléed bacon (making a perfect swizzle stick) is simply sweet and salty heaven. The new Crop is stunning, the drinks are stiff and the food is not only beautiful but yummy and unique. You’ve got to check it out!

Happy Thursday Cleveland. Cheers to a city filled with great food, sweets and cocktails for all!

  summer soup

One would think summer is just for grilling, for salads, for ice cream and Popsicles…but don’t forget all those amazing chilled soups best known to cool you off on these hot dogs days of summer.

You know who has great summer chilled soups? Souper Market of course!

A few of their summer chilled soup flavors are…
– Sweet crab & avocado gazpacho (with prosciutto!)
– Toasted spring corn gazpacho
– Spicy avocado & chili soup
– Blueberry-banana coconut soup (hello sweetness!)
– Salty watermelon bisque (the prettiest shade of pale pink)

What’s for YOUR lunch today…SOUP? :)

(I like to get the gazpacho & the asparagus salad for the perfect lunch combo! Try it sometime.)

  Ravioli Review #1

One of my “to-do’s” for this year was to explore each flavor of Ohio City Pastas Raviloi’s.

A few weekends ago I was faced with “where do I start?” Each little pasta package looked so yummy and exciting. My mouth watered in anticipation. I could start with the richness of lobster or crab or I could begin with something a bit basic and work up from there.

I bought a dozen of smoked mozzarella raviolis-not basic in the least-and had the perfect Sunday night supper. They were robust yet fragile, smoky and rich like an aged bottle of wine, yet simple and lovely paired with a basic pea shoot salad. Quick to cook, these ravioli’s get a ten out of ten!

1 down…many many more to go!