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  Gibbs Butcher Block at the old mill

Hey you! The other day I went on an adventure. I had sent my friend an early morning text (I’m talking 7am-ish) about kicking of Memorial Day weekend by going for plants and flowers before going into work. She had the genius idea to head out to a large wholesale greenhouse and fill my car with flats of crawling greens, succulents, herbs, pretty pansies, vines and so much more I can’t even begin to remember. All I know is that planting all the little beauties kept me busy for most of the following Saturday..tons of’s a good thing!

Anyhow, on our “operation plants” adventure I couldn’t help but to stop at the cutest butcher shop on the corner of Rt. 252 and Sprague in Columbia Station. Gibbs Butcher Block at the Old Mill the largest butcher shop I have ever stumbled upon. Literally it had rows and rows of every type and flavor of sausage one could imagine. From tequila lime pork, to Great Lakes beer infused meat and if you like hot sausage..check out the cherry bomb sausage. MORE! →

  Martins Deli

Morning everybody. Surviving this humidity patch okay? Looks like they say the weekend will cool off in the high 60’s low 70’s…perfect for planting flower, yard work, cleaning out the garage as well as a long bike ride/bar hop and picnics with good friends. Can you tell I have lots planned for the three days off?

Today I just wanted everyone to know about Martin’s Deli in Rocky River…in case you’ve never been in there. It’s a little deli that sits off of Detroit Rd near the high school field. The other day when I was prepping for a road trip so I stopped in to pickup a handful of made to order deli sandwiches and some snacks but to my surprise found a wonderful wine shop as well.

Such assortment, very helpful staff and even a row of chilled wines…perfect for the last minute summer party. If you’ve never been into Martin’s plan to swing in this weekend for some picnic supplies… and when the Heinen’s parking lot looks just too much to bear you can get your malbec fix just up the street! :) Happy Tuesday everybody.


  fat cats

The other night I had the pleasure of having a great night out with some of our best friends. It was a spontaneous evening date, nothing on the calendar for months in advance but the big question was where we should go?

After a few failed try’s for reservations we all agreed that the oldie but a very goodie would be our dinner destination for the evening. One of Tremont’s coolest places to eat Fat Cat’s was way better that any of us remembered.

We had a 7:30 reservation and when we showed up it was jam packed. We enjoyed some great cocktails, insane tater tots with tomatoe jam, korean barbeque ribs, mussels and lumpia (filipino egg rolls.) The food was great, the service was outstanding and the company was even better.

I have to admit, I often forget about Fat Cat’s but not anymore, back on my top go-to places for a great dinner with friends.  If you haven’t been there in awhile go grab a drink but make sure you have a reservation because unlike me, a lot of Clevelanders haven’t forgot what a gem of a restaurant it is.

Fat Cats, 2061 West 10th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

  Thai elephant

Looking for some awesome thai food on the westside? Well, look no more because Thai Elephant has come to Kamm’s Corner. We went the other day for lunch and I gotta say, it was a really yummy. All of the herbs and ingredients that went into my little happy bowl of soup and perfectly pan fried egg roll were fresh and flavorful. The lunch deals were affordable and quick, I can’t wait to go back for dinner some evening soon. Check it out when you can, call for take out, support this local gem.

  Luna Bakery = love

Morning CLE. The other morning I had a the opportunity to have a pre-work breakfast at this bakery that only existed in my wildest dreams. It was tiny, filled with light and tucked away in the corner of a thriving neighborhood. Upon entering  the scent of butter wafts through the air like a spring perfume. The pretty bakery creations are displayed on the counters, the coffee is perking and the friendly staff wait to serve you a morning meal with a smile. Luna Bakery was not in my dreams but instead on Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights.