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  Stash Style Sale

This weekend marks the inaugural Stash Style home SALE. If you remember, this past April, my friend closed her Chagrin Falls Store to look for a new way of doing business..hence the sale events were born.

Join her this Friday evening for the kick off preview sale (including live music under an evening rain-proof tent!) from 5-9pm and the official sale Saturday from 10-5 at her urban-chic Rocky River Home located at 780 Bates Road. Shop till you drop!

Can’t make it this weekend but would like to be notified of future sales? Drop a note to

  Emails. Mom-friends. FREE babysitting!

I know a big audience for blogs are the tried and true heros of the world…Mom’s. As a way to connect with “outside world,” to stay up on trends, news, recipes, family stories blogs are a wonderful way to connect with others in Cleveland to the other side of the world.

This blog (iheartcleveland) was actually really inspired by some of my “mom-friends.” You see as many of my friends left the corporate world to raise their families, I took it upon myself to write to them elaborate emails about the happenings of the social scene, making sure they weren’t left out. Fast forward a few months and I heard someone talking about how they had been forwarded “this email about fun things happening around town”…MY EMAILS had been forwarded, I was thrilled!

This email, then turned itself into a blog for not just mom’s but also artists, non-profits, hipsters, tourists, creative like-minded Cleveland cheerleaders and many more. So first and foremost to those of you who forwarded on my emails…thank you.

Now onto the “free” childcare. I have this friend (who was one of those email forwarding mom-friends) who is just delightful and very smart. She and a handful of friends came up with this idea of a babysitting co-op, where you trade points in exchange for a babysitting time.

These ladies of the “co-op” don’t miss a social beat, they are movers and shakers, they attend MANY of the events I write about, never EVER complaining about paying a sitter. Their babysitting co-op allows for my friends to sneak away to a lunchtime yoga class, a few film festival flicks, a wine tasting with the girls or dinner out with their special someone. Check out the nitty gritty details (how it works, starting your own, etc.) about the co-op here from an article the Plain Dealer did on them back in 2007.

It’s 2011 and I can’t believe I have never actually A) thanked all my mom-friends who follow this blog and B) ever taken the opportunity to gush about how creative parenting and babysitting co-ops TOTALLY ROCK! You ladies always amaze me, you should be very proud of yourselves…I’m proud to know great groups like yours exist in Cleveland.

(illustration by CSA images)

  Be thankful.

This year YOU have a lot to be thankful for.

You wake up, you get on facebook or twitter or email or the like. You take a shower, you get your morning cup of coffee. You go into work, (which also allows for more internet usage.) You enjoy the warmth around you, your work pals; your lunch buddies. You close up for the day and head home to your family (or pets). Maybe you hit the gym or a meeting at the library. You eat dinner, watch a little telly and then do it all over again.

We might get caught up in the mundane, but today PLEASE stop and take a moment to realize these incredible everyday acts are truly such a priveledge and for the little things, we should be thankful.

This year I have so much to be thankful for. A wonderful family. An incredible network of friends. The opportunity to do what I love, graphic design. A roof over my head. My adorable friend Franklin (dog) and his new BFF Amelia (camper). And without a doubt, this blog.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to be able to write a little each day. I’m also super grateful for you (the reader) to give me a chance to share my daily thoughts with you.

May you, your families and friends have a wonderful holiday. Be thankful for living in a pretty darn cool city, i heart Thanksgiving…we heart Cleveland!

  A BIG Sale! (07/18)