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  Sabrina @ the Cinematheque

Have you seen all the Audrey films at the Cinematheque? From Funny Face to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the theatre has been running Ms. Hepburns classic films weekly in ’11.

This weekend features Sabrina, the story of Audrey, Humphrey and William Holden in a romantic comedy from 1954. She is the chauffeur’s daughter and she is being courted by two men, each very different.

Wonder who she will choose? (playboy or workaholic) Grab your “besties” and head to The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cinematheque this weekend. Saturday the 22nd at 5:15pm and Sunday the 23rd at 8:15pm.


“WHEE! We’re on Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio”
Isn’t this the cutest little piece of memorabilia you’ve ever seen? It makes me smile.
Happy summer yard sales Cleveland, get out there…there are some finds to be found.

  Did you know?

That in 1902, a resident of Akron, Ohio, Martin F. Christensen, invented an automated machine that could manufacture glass marbles. Traditionally, workers made marbles by hand from clay or stone, including marble. Christensen’s invention made glass-marble production an entirely automated process. Christensen established the M.F. Christensen and Son Company in Akron to produce the thousands of colored balls of glass.

While the Akron factory does not still produce marbles, you can still visit the American Toy Marble Museum located in downtown Akron. Free and open to the public. With thousands of marbles to look at I’m sure you’ll find your favorite Aggie or Boulder. Throw the family in the car, take a thirty minute road trip south for a few hours of fun.

  Sci-Fi Movie Marathon (1-15/17)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 15th through the 17th, 2010.

Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… In the early 1970’s, there were several film groups on the Case Western Reserve campus. These groups had formed because of interest in different genres of movies. Along the way, the groups merged and formed the basis of the current CWRU Film Society.

This weekend pack your backpack, Red Bull, sleeping bags and tooth brush and go to the Science Fiction Marathon. This weekend of approx 36 hrs of back to back science fiction movies, trailers, and surprises was started in 1976 and is attended by CWRU students, the Cleveland community, and people from out of state and from other countries.

The movie schedule is as follows…
8:00pm Terminator Salvation (2009)
10:15pm Moon (2009)

12:00am The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
3:30am First Spaceship on Venus (1962)
5:15am Independence Day (1996)
8:00am Moonraker (1979)
10:15am Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
12:45pm The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
2:45pm Short Circuit (1986) (JOHNNY 5 is ALIVE!!!)
6:15pm The Phantom Planet (1961)
7:45pm The Fifth Element (1997)
10:00pm The City of Lost Children (1995)

2:00am District 9 (2009)

For all of the details including parking visit the CWRU Film Society site.

  New Year, New Art!

I came across this business the other day and LOVE some of their illustrations, take a peek!

“Cleveland is one of the great unsung American cities. Certainly a large part of the industrial backbone that made this the greatest country in the world. There are so many landmarks and historical aspects of Cleveland that are beautiful and worth a second look. With your support we hope to do many more such matchbooks and posters. Let us know if you have a great subject you’d like to see. Thanks, The Management at The Great Lakes Match Co.”