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  A week in review!

What to do this week? No fear, I’m here with a list of fun suggestions!

C : Capitol TheatreMore Than a Game…Monday night $5 movie, $1 drink, $1 candy!
L : In honor of Cleveland Beer Week, swing by Lilly’s Chocolate for a beer & chocolate pairing.
E : Explore the new Gauguin exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
V : Vintage finds, deals & steals at the Cleveland Auction House, fine art & antique auction 10/25
E : Edgewater Park on the Shoreway is peaceful on a sunny fall afternoon…go beach glass picking!
L : An evening of dessert at L’Albatros…french press & frozen grand marnier souffle, yumm…
A : Animals come to town with the Ringling Bros Circus!
N : Nature drawing, Join Gail Felix for an evening of field sketching in nature. 10/19
D : A fall drive out east to view the fall hues that nature has painted across our Ohio trees!

  Gender Bender Play (10/08)

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

As part of the Great Lakes Theatre Festival season opener, the actors and actresses would like to invite you to experience their work in Shakespeares, The Twelth Night.

After a shipwreck on an unfriendly shore and the loss of her twin brother Sebastian, young Viola must pose as a man to survive. Shakespeare’s sophisticated comedy of gender-bending mistaken identity is full of passionate longing and bittersweet romance. Twelfth Night is an irresistible and poignant comedy that is one of the Bard’s most luminous plays.

Get your tickets today!

  be quiet & SPEAKEASY

A speakeasy was an establishment which illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the period of United States history known as Prohibition (1920–1932). During this time, the sale, manufacturing, and transportation (bootlegging) of alcohol was illegal. The term comes from a patron’s manner of ordering an alcoholic drink without raising suspicion—bartenders would tell patrons to be quiet and “speak easy.”

Wondered what the glow of light from below Bar Cento on West 25th was? Have you seen the dimly lit staircase leading to the murmur below? Do you know the secret handshake? Hmmm? What’s down below?

Located in a dimly lighted basement below Bar Cento/McNulty’s Bier Markt, unmarked with no sign. Speakeasy is open every Friday and Saturday night 8pm-2am. (Thursday Live Music Nights coming this Fall)

“I’ve always thought that going out for a cocktail is a great way to escape the mundane realities of life,” says McNulty. “And I was thinking: What was the ultimate escape? The speakeasy during Prohibition.” The concept started brewing in McNulty’s head last year, 75 years after the repeal of Prohibition, which banned the sale of alcohol for consumption.

Check out the culinary cocktail list inspired by Cleveland’s long history of bootlegging and raved about in the New York Times…

Speakeasy Cocktails
The Rosemary–rosemary gin, dry vermouth
Bee’s Knees–honeycomb gin, cane syrup, fresh lemon
O’Sweet Brandy–brandy infused with toasted honey walnuts
Manhattan Pig–caramelized bacon bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters
Pepperoncini Martini–pepperoncini vodka, fresh lime, seltzer
Rome with a View–Campari, dry vermouth, fresh lime, cane syrup, seltzer
Pimm’s Zingiber–pimms No.1, fresh lemon, cane syrup, fresh ginger root, seltzer
Spanish Lover–cachasa, fresh lime, fresh ginger, cane syrup, seltzer

Speakeasy Punches (serves 4)
Claret Jug–red wine, fresh lemon, luxardo, cane syrup, seltzer
Rum Runner–coconut rum, brandy, cranberry, fresh orange, pineapple

For more information and details about the new kid in town visit

  Dragon Boat (8/29)

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Dragon boat races are believed to have originated in China more than 2,500 years ago, contemporaneous with the Greeks beginning their games at Olympia. Beyond a sporting event, the races and water festivals serve as a veneration to the dragons, hoping for health through the dangerously warm and humid summer months.

The dragon boats are incredibly beautiful, and the event “incorporates high energy, fitness, team building and recreational exercise in a fun and competitive atmosphere,” festival promoters say. The event also is designed to promote the people and unique culture of Cleveland’s Asian community. Opening ceremonies will take place on the patio deck of Cyrus Waterfront Restaurant and Patio, 2000 Sycamore Street. Races will be held immediately following the opening ceremonies and continue throughout the day. There’s no admission fee for spectators.

The Flats, 10-5pm

  The real "Mrs Cleveland"

I think she looks so sophisticated and elegant. I would like to sit and drink tea with her on a Saturday afternoon discussing politics, fashion and the state of the weather.

(Mrs Frances Cleveland)
1899, oil, 157.2 x 92.2 cm
Wife of President Grover Cleveland