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  Diana meet Cleveland (6/30)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

International jazz superstar, Diana Krall is on tour to promote her 12th studio album, Quiet Nights. This tour marks the first time that Krall will perform tracks from the new album, for her fans. Celebrating this highly anticipated new release, Quiet Nights takes listeners on a romantic and intimate journey through the lush textures of her ballads and bossa novas. Even those already familiar with the breathy vocals and rhythmic lilt in Krall’s music – and there are millions – will be taken aback by just how far the music pushes, unabashedly, into the realm of sweet surrender.

Ticket Price Range: $10-75, to purchase tickets visit

  Made in the Where? (6/26-27)

Friday, June 26th & Saturday June 27th, 20009

In case you haven’t already planned your outfit and planned to be there…

The MADE IN THE 216 event is THIS WEEK! Created by ROOM SERVICE (RS) owner and my friend, Danielle DeBoe to highlight just how many talented designers are choosing to STAY and build their businesses in CLEVELAND; And to underscore their high level of talent by merchandising the Cleveland-made designs seamlessly amongst the items RS purchases from NYC, LONDON, LA, SAN FRANCISCO and PARIS-based designers. There are no ‘booths’ or traditional craft/trade show set ups that differentiate the designers’ wares. They are integrated in the same creative, narrative-driven way that RS merchandises their products year round.

Miss Danielle curates this event so all of the participants, while representing a wide weft of types and styles of merchandise still fall under the umbrella of design that represents the aesthetic that RS carries year-round. The other thing that makes this show different is the diversity of the products being offered at the show. The show features a wide weft of creations from men and women’s apparel, jewelry, t-shirts, totes and personal accessories; to stationary, photography, screen-prints, household goods, FURNITURE and music. These Cleveland-based creators represent all levels of entrepreneurship, from the craft circuit, to etsy shops, to international sales….all people who have chosen to stay and build their business in the 216 as opposed to leaving for bigger cities…And RS thinks this is worth celebrating.

Personally I am so excited to see the work of my friends B. Jasinski (look for…freakin adorable octopus prints) and Stash Style (creative vintage jewelry) they have been so busy I know their work will be HUGE sellers. And…as always, small screen designs has “whipped” up some amazing work including pink, kitchen-aid mixer notecards, a “must have” for any seasoned baker.

Along with art and shopping there will be 10 bands including many from the CLEVELAND-BASED record label Exit Stencil Recordings playing at various locations, including the neighborhood’s live music venue, HAPPY DOG and under the marquee for the soon to open, CAPITOL THEATER. While you’re here stop by our EAT IN THE 216 location which will feature savory and sweet food items from independent local caterers and bakers. This summer event will get people out and walking around the neighborhood.

MADE IN THE 216 will be held THIS Friday JUNE 26 from 4-9pm & Saturday JUNE 27 from 11-9 with bands playing at HAPPY DOG both evenings starting at 9pm.

  Wonderful Waterloo (6/27)

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Some wise person recently tipped me on to the “BEST” arts festival in Cleveland…and I MUST see what the excitement is all about! (I am so there.)

Cleveland’s fastest-growing grassroots, family-friendly arts festival is back and better than ever, with more exhibits, installations performances and activities. More than 5,000 people are expected to spend the day on Waterloo, seeing and making art, catching live performances, shopping an array of vendors and noshing on local eats, as well as visiting all the one-of-a-kind businesses that make this burgeoning district unique.

PLUS, while you’re visiting…The Beachland Ballroom is hosting a “Rock n’ Roll Flea Market,” wonder what treasures we can find?

For hours & directions visit

  Paper Route & Young Love (6/04)

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

At first this show jumped out at me because I saw the band “Paper Route” (crazy website!) last summer in Atlanta and really liked them. The young Nashville 4-some have a full ambient, sweet electronic sound soothing to the ear. They don’t exactly define the sound of their Tennessee city: “We tend to be the black sheep in Nashville,” programmer/keyboardist Chad Howat says, “but we love it here.” So needless to say, I wanted to see Paper Route again…I even have a t-shirt!

So…who was this band that “MY” Paper Route was opening for? “Young Love?” Come to find out….he is really great too. Sounds like the perfect summer music evening! The dance-rock outfit “Young Love” is headed by Dan Keyes. Keyes, who has assembled a band to tour with this summer, ultimately sees Young Love as a culmination of hard work, taking chances and allowing himself the chance to write the music that’s been knocking around his head for years. Very electric, very catchy, very can’t get out of your head!

“This record has been a long time coming,” says Keyes, “These songs have existed with me for so long. I’m excited to get them out there. And I hope people get excited by them: I feel like I’m just the instrument to give the songs to everyone.”

Check out video, it’s funny, clever and charming.

Hope to see you at the Grogshop. Doors are at 9:00pm, Tickets are $10

  Ben Taylor (2/05)

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

The Beachland Ballroom presents Mr. Benjamin Taylor, get you show tickets today!

As the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, Ben Taylor was born into a musical world with much promise. His older sister, Sally Taylor, found her niche in the industry early on, but the younger Taylor never sought to follow the footsteps of his famous parents. His childhood might have been surrounded by recording sessions and tours across the world, but initially it wasn’t in Taylor’s mind to become a singer.

Taylor was raised in Manhattan and spent time in private schools before leaving them behind in ninth grade. By now, he’d taught himself how to play guitar, but traveling the world and connecting with nature was Taylor’s passion. Trips across Asia and Europe opened Taylor’s eyes to Earth’s greatest features, leaving him to think he’d might like to be a gardener or a farmer. Still, he had his hand in a few musical makings. Before he turned 20, Taylor’s cover of the Beatles’ “I Will” landed on the soundtrack to a domestic comedy featuring Paul Reiser, Bye Bye, Love. He eventually recorded an album for Epic’s label The Work Group, but it folded shortly after Taylor inked his contract. He was left feeling disenchanted, unaware what he was supposed to do with his life because he still wasn’t convinced music was for him. Taylor would soon come to realize that music was the only career he’d understand.

For $13 show tickets visit