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  Day 9 : The Bubble Process

Afternoon my friends. Hows work today? Trying to cram in last minute “to-do’s?” Is your office dead so you use this time to clean out your desks and prep for the new year? (that’s what we did.)

Are you just dying to know about today’s (Day 9) giveaway? Well, wait no more.

Today you are SO lucky to have the opportunity to enter to win the SOLD OUT Cleveland Poster as well as the limited edition concert posters for She & Him and Andrew Bird, designed & illustrated by Cleveland’s (& Brooklyn’s) own, The Bubble Process. (valued at $55)

Founded in 2006, The Bubble Process is the creation of Kent State grads, Sean and Nicholas. Looking for their perfect dream jobs they decided to take matters into their own hands and work on creating artwork that stirred their souls.

A huge food and music enthusiast, Sean was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. Thanks Sean!

IHC : “If you could design an album cover for ANY band, who would it be and why?”

BP : “DEVO for sure! They are definitely one of our favorite bands. There is so much creativity within their songs/videos that I wouldn’t really know where to start, but it would be a great time conceptualizing and working on. Plus we are also Kent alums, and we gotta stick together.”

IHC : “What is your best holiday memory?”

BP : “As cheesy as it sounds, it was actually going to Downtown Cleveland to see the lights. I’m not sure I was all that interested in the lights and decorations, but as a kid from the suburbs it was pretty magical to see the city and the buildings close up. I remember laying in the back of the Toyota Minivan Looking up at the tall buildings. It all just seemed so enormous and beautiful.”

IHC : “When you aren’t drawing and designing, what do you love to do in your free time?”

BP : “I really like spending my free time riding my bike around the west side (when weather is permitting of course). I live in Lakewood so Edgewater and the Gordon Square Arts District is just a 3 song ipod ride.”

To enter to win the THREE Bubble Process prints, friend them on facebook and then come back here to let me know! (please include your email, winner will be drawn December 24th)

  Cleveland weekend!

Hello my dear i heart cleveland readers…

I am oh so sorry for being a delinquent poster this week. My work has been super busy and on the side I have been purging my home for this weekend’s “tag sale.” It’s really no excuse except that I just wanted to say hello and wish you all a very wonderful Cleveland weekend.
As always, there are SO MANY things we could get ourselves into, but here are just a few…
– An awesome “Tag Sale”
Pedal for PRIZES….
– A dark & stormy cocktail on the patio (if the rain holds up!)
– Let’s go Tribe!
– Prepare for the big MOVIE by renting the entire series!
– Shop for adorable dainty jewelry from the comfort of home.
– SAVE at Whole Foods (I’m not joking, 2-4pm on Saturdays)
– Swing by Room Service to see the Bike Art show she has on exhibit. (see photo)

  grey cardigan celebrates spring weddings (03/12)

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Celebrate Spring. Celebrate Love. Celebrate Engagements, Showers and Weddings.

This Friday, celebrate the unveiling of the new Grey Cardigan “Something Borrowed, Something Grey” print collection by artist Brian Jasinski. His work is refreshing, youthful and sassy with a sense of humor twist.

Anyone getting married in your life? These pieces would make a delightful gift for any of the many wedding infused occasions. No standard Bed Bath & Beyond Prints for the newlyweds pad…only the best will do. :)

See you there!

  Vote for Grey Cardigan!

okay Cleveland…time to step up and VOTE for a local favorite!

My friend, fellow designer and emerging illustrator has made it to the (almost) big leagues…let’s make sure we vote for his design on and see too it that Brian’s Design (one of his precious Grey Cardigan prints) gets national top score this week! It would be great to nab up a few of the shirts for fun guy pal summer birthdays…don’t you think?

Go Brian, we are so proud of you for following your vision and sharing your talents. You are a inspiration to many. Now Cleveland…VOTE HERE!

  New Year, New Art!

I came across this business the other day and LOVE some of their illustrations, take a peek!

“Cleveland is one of the great unsung American cities. Certainly a large part of the industrial backbone that made this the greatest country in the world. There are so many landmarks and historical aspects of Cleveland that are beautiful and worth a second look. With your support we hope to do many more such matchbooks and posters. Let us know if you have a great subject you’d like to see. Thanks, The Management at The Great Lakes Match Co.”