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  Being social!

Hey friends, did I tell you how excited I am to have scored one of the coveted tickets to this summer’s Alt Design Summit NYC conference? I’m psyched.

You see, besides posting about all things happening in the CLE; I regularly scour the web for every inspiring design tip, striking image and “how-to” story that I can soak up in my creative head.

As a professional designer I love to surround myself with other creatives and what better location to be infused with creativity than at the offices of the queen of creativity, Martha Stewart. The conference will be hosted by Ms. Martha and her amazing team of creatives at the MSL Omnimedia offices (eeeekkk!)

So I am starting to prep for the workshop and I am doing a bit of blog updating and writing homework. I’m cleaning up my pinterest palace (@charity216) and making a conscious effort to tweet and “RT” on a more regular basis (@iheartclev) I’m exploring new photo apps to share pics on instagram (@charity216) and even making movies on the latest and greatest the creepy, crawly Vine (@iheartcleveland). So much to do in so little time.

Before I know it I will be surrounded by other bloggy, blogsters covered in polka dots and neon prints, this years floral pants and sassy sandals. Spending time sharing tips with one another about life/blog balance, creative apps and design business successes.

This summer can’t come soon enough but this past weekend warm Cleveland temps sure were a treat! Happy Tuesday.


Morning CLE. Tis the season for work holiday parties filled with mixing and mingling which is ultimately networking with a dash of eggnog for all!

I am currently going through the YWCA of Greater Cleveland’s Bootcamp leadership program and I had to chuckle after last weeks learning session. We were talking about the struggles of networking and putting yourself out there to meet new people, to gain new clients or just to be social. While I am usually an extrovert, I can easily be an introvert when it comes to a room of unfamiliar faces and in turn I head strait to my trusty old iphone as my networking date…BAD me.

 The YWCA Bootcamp program has been an interesting internal assessment of my leadership skills, my ability to work with others, setting goals for future development and most recently meeting a few new women I can call friends. If you are looking for a year of leadership/management “self help” this program is for sure worth investigating. Check it out.

In the meantime I leave you with one of the slides from the networking presentation. I smiled at both quotes and thought others might like them too!

  The Sax Man

Please support this amazing effort. A documentary film about our cities own Maurice Reedus Jr.

Cleveland, oh how I love you. The people who support others through midwestern generousity. The artists who infect our streets and inspire others. The filmmakers who capture our community and create stories for generations to come. Please give to their film then we can all go see it at the film fest in the spring!

  Type City

An experiment with type between design students at Cleveland Institute of Art and font and design merch, Veer turns out to be a stunning success.

Check out these images of Type City Cleveland landmarks using only letter forms, numbers and a few exclamation point (!) sprinkled throughout.