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Morning CLE. Tis the season for work holiday parties filled with mixing and mingling which is ultimately networking with a dash of eggnog for all!

I am currently going through the YWCA of Greater Cleveland’s Bootcamp leadership program and I had to chuckle after last weeks learning session. We were talking about the struggles of networking and putting yourself out there to meet new people, to gain new clients or just to be social. While I am usually an extrovert, I can easily be an introvert when it comes to a room of unfamiliar faces and in turn I head strait to my trusty old iphone as my networking date…BAD me.

 The YWCA Bootcamp program has been an interesting internal assessment of my leadership skills, my ability to work with others, setting goals for future development and most recently meeting a few new women I can call friends. If you are looking for a year of leadership/management “self help” this program is for sure worth investigating. Check it out.

In the meantime I leave you with one of the slides from the networking presentation. I smiled at both quotes and thought others might like them too!

  Prep School (2 spots left!)

Gatherings Kitchen is now offering a more skill focused cooking series called Prep School.

Always wanted to study to be a chef? The series is sure to touch on knife skills, baking, stocks, sauces and more. This series would give you a good taste, an intro to some of the lingo and basics. Sign up today as there are only 2 post s left for the first series which starts on March, 2nd. For more the menu and more details click here.

  Mr. Bierut (11/13)

Friday, November 13th, 2009

You won’t want to miss this one,. I’ve heard Mr. Bierut speak numerous times, and each time he sheds a bit more light to my industry, my passion and my excitement for the design world around us.

The Cleveland Institute of Art presents a rare opportunity for professionals to network and hear Michael Bierut, partner in the leading international design firm Pentagram, talk about how great design can transform a business that is merely surviving into one that is thriving.

Register now for this special event happening after work on Friday, November 13, in CIA’s Aitken Auditorium and Reinberger Galleries. Before and after Mr. Bierut’s presentation, mingle over wine and cheese and enjoy two traveling exhibitions of outstanding design in our Galleries: “17 Swedish Designers” and “AIGA 365.”

4:30 – 6:30pm $20. To register

  Franco For Sale (6/21)

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

He’s talented, attractive and IN PERSON, Cleveland welcomes Golden Globe winning actor (Pineapple Express & Milk), James Franco

Franco, of Milk and Spider-Man fame, makes a live appearance at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum will screen the Cleveland premier of the art film, Erased James Franco. After the film, Franco and the filmmaker, contemporary artist Carter, will speak to the audience in person. Museum Director Timothy Rub will moderate. The film will be screened in the museum’s Lecture Hall.

For the film Carter approached Franco about reenacting scenes from previous films in his oeuvre (James Dean, Spider-Man trilogy & Rock Hudson) but to revisit these scenes with restraint. At no point is Franco given the opportunity to delve deeply into any one character. Instead Carter directs Franco to use a flat voice and limit his instinctual movement during the filming of each scene. Carter describes his direction as “artificially relaxed – to withhold James’ natural ability to act …” which gives the film a muted quality.

Tickets are selling fast $20 for members, $25 for non members. 2:30pm.

  Shoes! (5/08)

Friday, May 8th, 2009

If you are a fan of shoes like I am (total addict) then Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Footwear Fashions Past & Present hosted by Cleveland Public Library, Social Sciences Department will be a reason enough to call in sick this Friday!

The documentary of Head Over Heels will be presented as well as an exhibit on the history of shoes. Come in and see what fashion and costume resources are available at the library. The exhibit will be on display throughout May.

10:00 am Cleveland Public Library, Louis Stokes Wing, 5th floor, 525 Superior Ave. Cleveland.