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  Inked for Ohio.

So I often am on the lookout for tattoos that symbolize the passion for our city and the wonderful people that fuel our region with love and ink.

The other day I was at an office, when the woman who answered the company door caught my eye. Her short sleeved shirt exposed her adorable tattoo of Ohio with “a heart for Cleveland,” and the “trees for the Cuyahoga National Forest. I live near the park and love to hike” explained Becky.

Looking for a way to show your love and support of our parks systems? Think ink!

Thanks Becky, I hope I din’t spook you when I asked to snap a pic. :)

  Civic Commons – Pick a Poster

The Civic Commons is a new way to bring communities together through conversation and emerging technology. They are focused on building conversations and connections that have the power to become an informed productive collective civic action.

During this public introduction of this organization, the Civic Commons is holding a poster contest. Let me just say, as a fellow designer there are a LOT of AMAZING designs to choose from. Take a look and vote for your favorites today!

  weekend fun

Don’t you just love the built up excitement of a weekend? I mean, two days off to which you are supposed to relax and recharge your body, mind and soul before starting another week. I think it must be the bright blue, sunshine filled skies that are putting me in an extremely good mood, but I can’t wait for the weekend!!!

Not a whole lot on my plate for Saturday and Sunday, but I do have a few ideas.

Thinking of going to the opening of Open Yoga Gallery and then swinging by the Valentines Day Market (think Bizarre Bazaar & Made in the 216 all wrapped in LOVE), then a quick stop at the Westside Market to stock up for Sunday’s big football festivities and then home to cook, bake and possibly even put away my Christmas wreaths that still hang on my house!

Not super busy, “relaxed with purpose.”

Enjoy your weekend. Grab some sunshine, perhaps a cocktail or two and may the best men win! Go Browns!

(note : since I’ve been on a bit of a photography role, I thought I would share this great photo from the photo contest site, enter your great pics today. This photo was taken by Colin Toke, from what I can find. Only a dog lover would take his dogs out for a late night stroll during a snowstorm, great shot!)

  Valentines Market

Get your sweetie something special for the month of love. XOXO.

  a new Blog Friend

So I “met” this new blogger a week or so ago and thought perhaps some of you might like to follow his photography blog….“How’s the Salmon.”

A young photographer, entrepreneur and sneaker collector, Carlos was born and raised in Lorain and currently resides in Elyria, OH. “I’ve been coming to Cleveland for various events, shopping or to experience the restaurants for as long as I can remember” commented Carlos.

After exploring his site, I had to get to know this guy a bit better, so I asked “Mr. How’s the Salmon” a few questions…

Where did the name of your site come from?
“It’s really and inside joke with my friend from high school. We decided to have a mini reunion at Great Lakes Brewery, and we all agreed on bar food (fries, burgers, etc.) and well out of nowhere, one of my friends turns to the waitress and asked “How’s the Salmon?” and we all started to laugh hysterically (You kind of had to be there, but coming from where we’re from, and growing up how we did, you’d understand why we found it so funny)”

As a sneaker conisseour, what’s your favorite pair of sneakers?
“This is a question I get often yet still struggle on an answer. I have to say, it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll say my two favorites are, my Air Jordan Aqua VIII’s and my Air Jordan True Blue III’s.”

Please share one of your pictures of Cleveland with the iheartcleveland readers.
(photo above) “This picture of Lake Erie, I think some people may not realize how great the lake can be (especially due to lake effect snow) but in the summer, relaxing and watching the sun set is one of the best things to do.”

Thanks Carlos for sharing your images, your insight and your blog to me. I hope others find it as fun and unique as I did.