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  Support OUR Market!

Morning CLE! It’s another wintery 2-sock day here and this week looks like it’s gonna keep coming; a perfect weekend to hit the slopes for sure!

I wanted to take today to chat about our amazing West Side Market and the recent fire tragedy. It was crazy, because while we usually do shop there pretty regularly the weekend prior to the outbreak we had made a special shopping excursion to find the perfect cut’s of beef, the most fresh mushrooms and an adorable bag of fresh pearl onions (no frozen ones for me) to make my first attempt at Julia Child”s boeuf bourguignon. The entire weekend was focused on this one recipe and the market vendors really added to the romance of the entire experience. Needless to say how sad I was when I hear the news of the fire, as many of us were…speechless.

Last weekend for the super bowl we would normally head to the market for chicken, cheese, perhaps a few pizza bagels? What were we going to do to continue the support of these area vendors? (Cue finding business card from the previous weekend shopping trip from Fricakaccios in my market shopping bag)

We were having a few people over to watch the big game and so rather than order pizza from our usual suspects we decided to try out our favorite pizza bagel stand and head to Fairview Park for Fricakaccios. Not only do they make the best pizza bagels in town, the make all sorts of pizza’s, special to-go options, Italian sandwiches and more. I mean check out the pic I snapped of what was a CHEESBURGER PIZZA! Sounds sorta weird; I know, but honestly I tried it and it was as good as your favorite patty melt served atop of some pizza dough. Bonus, the people at this location were so kind they even carried my order out to the car!

When asked about their market location, a little sadness fell over the team, it broke my heart. I explained that we had searched them out to do our part at supporting them as part of our market community; it brought back their Ohio-proud smiles.

This week there are many opportunities that you can get involved with to support the market and all the tried and true vendors. From the fundraiser at Market Garden Brewery tomorrow night, to the local musicians that will be performing Saturday at the Five O’Clock in Lakewood. Find your own  way to support those vendors who have been closed and without a paycheck during these cold Cleveland winter months. It’s the least we can do for our special place food memories are made. We HEART you West Side Market; get well soon.

(photo : amazing cheeseburger pizza, complete with pickles!)

  weekend fun

Don’t you just love the built up excitement of a weekend? I mean, two days off to which you are supposed to relax and recharge your body, mind and soul before starting another week. I think it must be the bright blue, sunshine filled skies that are putting me in an extremely good mood, but I can’t wait for the weekend!!!

Not a whole lot on my plate for Saturday and Sunday, but I do have a few ideas.

Thinking of going to the opening of Open Yoga Gallery and then swinging by the Valentines Day Market (think Bizarre Bazaar & Made in the 216 all wrapped in LOVE), then a quick stop at the Westside Market to stock up for Sunday’s big football festivities and then home to cook, bake and possibly even put away my Christmas wreaths that still hang on my house!

Not super busy, “relaxed with purpose.”

Enjoy your weekend. Grab some sunshine, perhaps a cocktail or two and may the best men win! Go Browns!

(note : since I’ve been on a bit of a photography role, I thought I would share this great photo from the photo contest site, enter your great pics today. This photo was taken by Colin Toke, from what I can find. Only a dog lover would take his dogs out for a late night stroll during a snowstorm, great shot!)

  Ohio City Pasta Review #2

So, If you remember back in January I set some goals or pseudo resolutions for myself as a resident of Northeast Ohio. I planned to see the Symphony, take a tour of the Mansfield State Penitentiary and taste test every flavor of Ohio City Pasta known to man. I’m making baby steps and checking things off my list…

The other evening I made the best dinner, Pumpkin Ravioli courtesy of Ohio City Pasta. I browned some butter (I didn’t say it was low fat.) tossed in some walnuts added the boiled Pumpkin Ravioli and topped the dish off with chopped granny smith apples and a shaving of Parmesan cheese. The dish was decadent and perfect for a chilly winter evening.

Hmmm…wonder what flavor will be next? I’m thinking the goat cheese, but with the onset of spring perhaps an asparagus, lobster or crab might sway my decision.

(I never posted about it officially but in February I whipped up the ratatouille raviolis with a red sauce and grilled chicken, Cest Manifique!)

  Fresh Figs

It’s that time again this year..Fresh Fig time! Perfect alone of sliced with fresh goat cheese…yumm…

I went to the Westside Market the other day and bought the most delicate green figs. I swear them must have JUST been handpicked. $1 each was well worth the sweet flavor and one-of-a-kind mouthwatering texture that came packed into the little fruity goodness. They also have fresh figs at Heinen’s, the bulbous deep purple ones, perfect for a holiday dish.

This weekend I would like to try this Ginger Fig Tartlet recipe to bring to a Labor Day picnic, looks divine. Fresh figs don’t stay around long, so go get yours today!