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  MOCA mixer

Hey CLE, how was your weekend? Are you one to get out and thrive in these chilly temps or are you more drawn to hibernate with your netflix account? I guess I’m a little bit of both. My weekend included a dinner with a gal pal at Luxe, a morning trip to the market, a belated birthday feast at Johnny Mango’s, some furniture painting (love me a project!),  some yummy cooking, a touch of work and a pinch of pinterest!

Today I wanted to share with you this really fun event that the new MOCA is putting together for February 8th to celebrate love in our city! Are you single or is someone you know? Attend the MOCA Mixer to meet someone new. There will be game playing (dodgeball, parachute, slinky races, should I say more?)  and crafts to delight the inner child in everyone. Remember when you could just approach someone with “hi my name is _____ what is yours?” This evening will harken back to those simpe days and simple ways of meeting new friends. Plus, there will be cocktails, so if the games don’t do it…perhaps a martini will? Check it out!

Happe Monday everybody. Cheers to a few days of warmer temps.

  Get Linked (11/23)

  Mr. Bierut (11/13)

Friday, November 13th, 2009

You won’t want to miss this one,. I’ve heard Mr. Bierut speak numerous times, and each time he sheds a bit more light to my industry, my passion and my excitement for the design world around us.

The Cleveland Institute of Art presents a rare opportunity for professionals to network and hear Michael Bierut, partner in the leading international design firm Pentagram, talk about how great design can transform a business that is merely surviving into one that is thriving.

Register now for this special event happening after work on Friday, November 13, in CIA’s Aitken Auditorium and Reinberger Galleries. Before and after Mr. Bierut’s presentation, mingle over wine and cheese and enjoy two traveling exhibitions of outstanding design in our Galleries: “17 Swedish Designers” and “AIGA 365.”

4:30 – 6:30pm $20. To register

  "Nude" Networking (8/12)

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Have you had a chance to get to the new galleries at the Art Museum? Up for a game of find & seek? Adventure through the galleries on a hunt to find all of the nudes of the museum….please people, keep your clothes on!

The nude scavengar hunt is just one of the fun events happening at this weeks “Art on Tap” event- a new social event for young preofessionals that puts art and networking on tap together.

5:30-9pm, Enjoy live music, thematic gallery strolls, food, and drink all night long. Free admission all night; bars, food, & parking additional. (Be aware it is Wade Oval Wednesday so parking may be at a premium, give yourself a few additional minutes to find a parking spot.)

For more information visit

  Symon Says

Hello fellow Clevelanders,
As most of you know, I usually write about things happening in the future, not ones that have already occurred. For this I MUST make an exception.

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the 2008 COSE Small Business Conference. After the morning keynote speaker, I knew the day would be a treat…and therefore I had to share.

Michael Symon, born & raised Clevelander, Restauranteur, Hipster & Food Network Big Shot Iron Chef wowed the audience with the stories of starting a small business (Symon now manages over 140 employees..hardly small?) “Nothing is more frightening than owning your own business” proclaimed Symon.

As the morning continued Chef Symon filled our eager minds with the top 5 most important pieces of advice he could give to any small business owner. (This is where I started to get giddy with excitement…six pages of notes later) Since many of you have entrepreneurial minds, I thought I would pass along his wise words.

Be passionate. Start with passion. Figure out what drives you..and THEN how you possibly could make money through your passions.

When Symon first opened Lola’s, the mission was to create a restaurant where Clevelanders could get good food at a reasonable cost…casually!
What is your mission?

Whomever you hire is a reflection of you, the owner. Treat every employee like family. “Let them drink the Kool-Aid!”

What you see is what you get. Build your business around yourself, around your personality (“Unless you’re an asshole,” Symon chuckled his infamous giggle).

You want good faithful clients. You want people to believe in you and support you..then in turn you MUST support your peers. Shop locally. Drive the extra 2 miles for your hardware. Choose Heinens over Giant Eagle. Eat at Lola (he says it shamelessly) vs. Applebee’s…although he now calls his restaurant Lolita the Applebee’s of Tremont (the place where neighbors go to get a good affordable meal…“a nosh.”)

As Symon’s talk drew to a close he mentioned that while the state of the nation’s economy is plummeting…the income at Lola & Lolita is skyrocketing. (GO CLEVELAND!) His theory? “When we have less, or make less, we want–we need something we know is a definite GOOD THING; something we trust, something that will make you feel good all over.”

Although early yesterday morning, as the clouds parted and I was on my way to the conference I was dreading the usual small talk, business card passing crowd. Now after reflecting on the day, I am pleased to have put my conference stereotypes away and am still glowing in the excitement of hearing Mr. Michael Symon speak of his success, his experiences and his passion for what he loves in a city that supports him.

For the entire podcast of Chef Symons talk visit (it should be available next week)