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  lilacs & healthy living!

Good morning! While it is super chilly, and I couldn’t bring myself to wear tights anymore, I sit here with goosebumps awaiting the weeks warmer temps. How aout you guys, did anyone bust out their winterwear this morning? Smart!

One of the things that I LOVE about this time of year are all the amazing flowering trees we have in Northeast Ohio…especially lilacs. The white ones are my favorites, then the super dark purple ones and I would never turn away a bundle of the simple everyday light lavender hue as well.


  celebrate earth

Hi everybody, happy Monday and even better HAPPY EARTH DAY! What a wild weekend weather-wise don’t you think? Literally Friday it was warm with a spring-like breeze, then Saturday morning we had suspicious white flakes and Sunday while the sun was pretty it was chilly again. Come on CLE weather fairy it’s time to warm things up.

Did you do anything to celebrate Earth Day over the weekend? I mean, besides recycling your wine bottles or picking up friends to go out, carpooling to save on gas. I know that the big festival presented by the Earth Day Coalition was held at the Berea Fairgrounds yesterday, I’m glad they had great weather too.  I believe the celebration of Mother Earth used to be at the zoo but so many people wanted to celebrate they were looking for a larger venue, so that’s cool.

If you took the day off work today to celebrate but now have decided you actually don’t want to do spring yard clean up and you’d rather stay indoors…HGTV is hosting an all day marathon of my personal go-to show Love it or List it! It’s half remodel show, half chartacter development and a game show all rolled into one hour of home improvement fun. If you’ve never seen it, now is the time to check it out.

Yesterday I was in the backyard of our new-ish home when I noticed these little violets trying their best to lift their faces and smile towards the sun to celebrate spring and how happy they are to be nesteled at the edge of our patio. I couldn’t help but smile and be happy that while most of the yard is still a cool shade of gray green, these charmers were a vibrant pop of purple in all their glory.

Happy Earth Day Cleveland. I hope you can get outside and explore your yard, your community, a local park or beach. Find something that makes you thankful it’s almost spring summer in the CLE and be thankful that the Month of May is quickly approaching! Cheers.

  St Patrick’s fun!

It’s almost time! Just few more days until we all drink the green beer, dress in our finest tweed, enjoy the perfect soda bread & butter, do a jig or two, and enjoy a years worth of bagpipe tunes. It’s almost St Patricks Day people!!!

The famous Cleveland St Patricks Day Parade is this Sunday, kicks of at 2pm beginning on East 18th and Superior and continues the fun looping around town. The weather report looks good so far, at least it should be dry. The Boys from County Hell will be performing at House of Blues, Flannery’s AND The Harp. There will be plenty of corn beef served at some of our city’s traditional hot spots including Slyman’s, Corky & Lenny’s and Nate’s Deli and even the not so traditional eateries like Hodge’s (the perfect outdoor hot spot!) or Market Garden Brewery on 25th.

So you got your parade, your music, your corn beef so besides reminding everyone to take the RTA downtown I guess my last little wise words would be don’t forget to wear your green or you might get pinched!

(The image is from the Official Parade fb page by ©2012 Buckeye Photography, Inc)

  Friday fun : succulents

Happy Friday CLE! Hope everyone has lots of fun plans on the horizon for another chilly weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I heart  winter (if I didn’t we would have a problem) however with spring fashions, vacation wishes and a few home projects on the horizon I am starting to crave the feeling of spring. Bring it on spring!

With that said how many of you have ever wanted to make a terrarium? I tell you what, just the little bit of green brings a lot of life to a dining room or end table. The green living plants evoke growth and spring to me. To learn more about making your own terrarium, swing by any of our area greenhouses such as Petitti’s or Gale’s in Westlake for some tips and tricks…don’t forget the rocks and charcoal for good drainage and root growth.

Yesterday I stopped into Home Depot for some teeny tiny brass nuts (crafternoon project to come!) and was immediately welcomed by their just-in shipment of assorted succulents. Perfect to turn every wintery terrarium into springtime bliss. If you have time at lunch or on your way home swing by Home Depot on 117th to get yours while the getting is good. Happy container gardening CLE…happy weekend and to those of you attending the big weekend bash; happy Jump Back Ball!

  Winter weekend

Happy Friday CLEV-kids! It’s been the conversation topic of the week…”It’s so cold outside!” Perhaps some of you saw this picture I took yesterday through instagram (@charity216) while lunching at my favorite lunch spot; Pier W but for those of you who didn’t I had to share. The sun was out and we had a window spot which is the best seat in the house. The entire meal I was mesmerized by the flaky chunks of ice and snow that glistened on the lake. The shores of Lake Erie looked like Antarctica glaciers…I wish there were little penguins waddling down Edgewater Beach this time of year…wouldn’t that be so cute? I digress…

Anyhow, I know I’ve said it before but just a reminder on how great Pier W is for a lunch meet up, free parking, lots of sunshine, an amazing view of the city and oh, for all your resolution diet’s…the South Beach Salad is the best! Happy Friday and stay warm friends.