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  Full Moon Hike!

Hey CLE, is everyone cold enough yet? I mean, don’t get me wrong I am thrilled the sun is shining and we can admire the pretty blue skies, but it is SO COLD…I’m ready for a quick tropical island escape…or a margarita for now. :)

I guess instead of rushing in and out of my car to work, clients, coffee shops, stores, etc I should really embrace the winter chill. Dress warmer and take the bull by the horns…go outside and play to fight my chattering teeth, love-hate relationship with old man winter.

Anyhow, I was sorta thinking that it might be nice to grab a few friends and do just this, get outside for some winter play this Saturday night, January 26th for the Full Moon Hike presented by our Cuyahoga National Valley Park System. This free guided 3.5 mile walk on the towpath trail starts at 6:30 and goes until 8:30pm. Could be just what I need to shake the winter chills…get your body moving outside, under the stunning full moon, listen to night sounds, look for those night woodsy creatures and expericne darkness….

Sounds sorta exciting, don’t you think? If you do decide to go on this weekend walk, dress really warm and bring a flashlight for when the man on the moon takes a break from illuminating your path. For now, stay warm and enjoy the sunshine!

  Fall (leaf) “peeping”

“Leaf peeping” is an informal term commonly used for those of us who travel to see the stunning fall foliage. (In Japan they also have a similar term called momijigari.)

In spite of the chilly weekend drizzle, the week ahead is supposed to clear up. Thank goodness! The sun will shine, the earth will dry out and the leaves from our tall, strong, Ohio trees will begin to turn. Hey Clevelanders, you up for a bit of “peeping” this weekend? Enjoy!

  Up Up & Away (09/04-06)

When I first moved to Cleveland almost 12 years ago…one of the first big attratctions I attended was the Cleveland Air Show. The afternoon of plane walkers, the Blue Angels, pilots…LOTS of pilots and the amazing acrobatic show still “Wows” me to today!

This Labor Day weekend don’t miss out on the spectator event. The Air Show is a rather affordable, local outing that is fun for everyone…general admission tickets are good for one full day of aviation fun (Saturday, Sunday or Monday). FYI there is no seating, so remember to bring a lawn chair or blanket.