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  Where in Cleveland?

Over the weekend I spent some time driving around enjoying the snow fall and chilly winter weather. It’s amazing how things sometimes look different with a fresh coating of fallen snow.

I drove by this old E.B. Brown Opticians painted building mural and couldn’t resist asking you, do you know where this mural is?

I was driving to my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army on Euclid & 55th) and the mural was on 30th and Danford (between Superior & Payne)

I love old murals, vintage cleveland, painting and more…this find was AWESOME!

  "Dr. Obama" (7/23)

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

President Barack Obama is expected to visit the Cleveland Clinic Thursday as part of his campaign to promote health care reform.

White House officials said Saturday that the president would visit Northeast Ohio but did not offer a specific time or location for the event.

The appearance comes as Obama’s health care plan is under attack by both Republicans and some Democrats, who say the plan is too expensive.

Obama has praised the Cleveland Clinic in the past for playing a role in the health care reform by providing “the highest quality care at costs well below the national norm.”

(article from the Plain Dealer, writen by Mark Naymik/Plain Dealer Politics Writer/

  VOTE Cleveland (3/04)

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008.

Cleveland…just a friendly reminder…Get out and ROCK THE VOTE!

And if you like presidential trivia check out the small sampling I’ve collected below.

1st President George Washington had a dog named drunkard. He also owned a hemp field and was given a jackass by the King of Spain.

20th President James Garfield was ambidextrous and multilingual. He could write Greek with one hand while writing Latin with the other.

23rd President Benjamin Harrison was afraid to touch light switches.

31st President Herbert Hoover was a cross-dresser.

37th President Richard Nixon ate cottage cheese with ketchup to manage his weight. He was also the first president whose name contained all the letters in the word “criminal.”

43rd President George W. Bush and Wife Laura only knew each other three months before getting married.

  Democrats Debate in Cleveland (2/26)

This just in…Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have agreed to a February 26th debate at the CSU Wolstein Center. That’s exactly one week before Ohio’s March 4th primary.

WKYC, Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, is helping to sponsor the event. NBC’s Tim Russert and Brian Williams will moderate the event and NBC Nightly News will broadcast live from our fair city!

Cleveland State University President Dr. Michael Schwartz said late Friday afternoon that specifics about the 2/26 presidential debate here could be available after a meeting on Monday 2/18. The Wolstein Center has a basketball arena with seating for about 13,500 but it’s unlikely that the entire arena will be used, so be one of the first to grab a seat. Debate ticket information, will be posted on and