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Well, it’s almost here friends. The 37th Cleveland International Film Fest kicks off tomorrow night! I have my pack of tickets, I will be assembling my snacks, riding the RTA and best part spending the weekend with my mom.

For the past handful of years it has become our tradition for her to come in from out of town and cram in as many interesting films as we can. We sometimes take a break and escape to the Ritz for a cocktail n the lobby but this year who knows, we may also check out the bars at Horseshoe!

While I LOVE having my mom for the weekend and the films are the best, every year I wait in anticipation to see what the official festival trailer will be. This years graphics are bright, bold and captivating I can only guess what the trailer might be.

To recap some of the previous years trailers I have provided a few below. Personally, I love the floating animals from last years festival…but then again I adore the concept and music from year 32…each one is creative to our city and our festival.


  Last minute sweetie gifts!

Have you got your special someone a little something for tomorrow’s holiday? I just heard a radio commercial for getting your sweetie a gift at your neighborhood CVS…I almost died inside. I mean, not that I am above a huge box of Dove chocolates, a cheap bottle of red wine, an InStyle or Us Weekly Magazine, some new black liquid eyeliner, an itunes gift card or a few new lipsmackers…However, why would ANYONE shop at CVS for a gift when Cleveland has a plethora of talented creatives, hot spots & activities to support?

Looking for last minute…gifts that you can call an order in for or pick up tonight? Check out a few of my suggestions…

Flowers : Don’t call 1.800.Flowers, but instead support your local florist. Shops like V2V (Lakewood) and Urban Orchid (Cleveland) are two very stylish floral design shops. Give them a call for something unique for your sweetie. Also, there is also Heinen’s (also a local family owned  business) flower department which usually has fun little bouquets and plants, at a much more affordable cost than turning to the web.

Chocolate : This morning I saw a small plane in the air pulling a “CHOC” flag; I knew it was Malley’s right away. There is nothing like a Malley’s Chocolate covered pretzel and we all know they have chocolate covered strawberries for special occasions! besides Malley’s there is also the fine art of chocolate made by Lilly’s Handmade Chocolates (Tremont), a few of these make an impressive gift. Or, you could cure the chocolate craving with a red velvet cupcake from Cookie and A Cupcake or the recent America’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie (by Food & Wine Magazine) at Blackbird Bakery (Lakewood.) Seriously, so many wonderful options.

Jewelry : If you’ve ever been to any of the holiday indie craft shows you know there are so many wonderful jewelers in the area. But just as a reminder….guys…my friend Erica of On the Lookout Jewelry makes such detailed beaded pieces, your Valentine would love a necklace by her! Or “she” also loves Oceanne creations (especially the cupid earrings) (wink wink) Both of these jewelers sell to many of our little area boutiques so check out their websites or drop them an email to find out where you can score a last minute gift.

Food & Drinks : There are so many local places, I can’t even begin to list them all. However, I will say one option  I think is really cool is from Gatherings Kitchen located in Lakewood. Where you reserve your dinner, swing by on the way home and pick it up, reheat and voila a 4-course romantic dinner (including short ribs!) at home with NO clean up! $50 for the dinner feeds two lovebirds. Call NOW and you might still be able to reserve a dinner!

Activities : From the events at the Rock Hall, to a night out with the fish at the Aquarium, you could get all yoga twisty at a hot yoga class together or relax to the orchestra…find something special to do with your friends or honey to celebrate the day together. Get creative!

I hope some of my last minutes ideas were helpful and while I don’t mean to knock CVS…please people, we can do better than that! Happy (almost) Valentines!

  Day 3 : Inner Bliss Yoga

Hello & Namaste Cleveland.
Another fun day of giveaways here at iheartcleveland!

During the holidays is it hard to make time for “you?” Does your workout, your alone time, meditation and spiritual needs, do they all fall to the side in place of holiday hustle and bustle?

Have you ever tried Yoga? A state of wonderful deep stretching and strength training paired with meditative deep cleansing breathe partnered with a state of peace and well being?

I’ve been practicing for almost ten years and still a beginner I can’t stress enough how yoga brings me joy, keeps me grounded, makes me stronger, brings me peace and stretches every muscle in my body. Sounds good right?

For Day 3 in the 12 Days of Giveaways, Rocky River studio, Inner Bliss Yoga is offering 5 class passes ($60 value) to one VERY lucky reader. This offer is the perfect opportunity to try yoga, to come back to yoga (“return to your breathe”) or perfect your crow, eagle or tree pose.

At Inner Bliss they offer many types of classes, from child and very beginner to powerflow and hot experiences. Their kind welcoming teachers create an environment of acceptance,  vibe of joy and lots of fun. Their studio (located on the second floor at 19537 Lake Road) invites light and warmth into your daily practice. During these chilly Ohio days stepping into the IB studio warms not only your body, but your soul. Check it out!

“Like” Inner Bliss on Facebook and tell us about your thoughts or experience with yoga. (What do you like? Why are you hesitant? What holds you back? What drives you for more?) and enter to win today!

Please include your email, winner will be drawn on Tuesday December 13th. I can’t wait to read your comments on this one.

p.s. my favorite pose? Happy baby for sure! :)

  "Spa Saturday" @ Be Studios

I simply love when I discover a new gem in town. First thing I think about is sharing the excitement with you guys, then I sit back, relax and enjoy the find. This past Saturday “relax,” can’t even come close to my experience at BE Studios in Cleveland.

First founded as the “go-to” place for bachelorette parties, a killer core workout and a swing on the pole, BE Studios has now grown to more than just a fitness and dance studio. This spring Christina and her incredibly talented staff expanded to include a gorgeous spa destination.

From the moment I walked into the space I was enveloped by aromas of calming oils, a soft undertone of electronic beats and the design of the interiors to die for. The peaceful gray color palette seems to have stepped off the pages of a luxury living magazine, yet most elements to the interiors are vintage and have been re purposed and or reupholstered to compliment one another. Every detail has been well thought through, each candle, each piece of art, every shelf, mirror and stack of towels visually work together to create the overall drama. Let’s just say, I was blown away.

It was a girls afternoon, we kicked off “Spa Saturday” by sweating it out (the night before’s wine intake) in the infrared sauna. While we sat in the 140 degree dry heat we gulped down the Smart Water that was provided at the spa. I don’t think I’ve ever challenged myself to sit in a sauna for a full :30 minutes, let alone site STILL for :30 minutes…but we did it!

After that I had one of the most amazing massages ever. Every muscle in my body was worked too mush. The technician performed this fast kneading method up and down my back to which she later referenced as her “secret technique.” If you like a great deep massage call today.

As I stumbled out of the treatment room, I felt like a half melted summer Popsicle. I was so at peace, so relaxed, my brain could barely tell my feet to move one foot in front of the other. A crazy feeling.

I got myself into the next room where I experienced a deep cleansing facial. The organic Eminence products smelled yummy enough to taste, I almost licked the ice wine raspberry toning masque right off my chin.

One last thing that I need to tell you about BE Studios, they have this great little relaxation area in the back of the space which would be so perfect for a small baby shower, a bachelorette afternoon or just a group of close friends. Next time you’re faced with planning a gathering, this place would “WOW” your group, I promise.

So, with all that said…my skin is glowing, my knots are gone, and the Friday night toxins have left the building. You’ve got to see it to believe it, so swing by the Clifton Blvd business and make an appointment today!

  Dreaming of ski fashions

Sometimes I wish I wrote a fashion or design blog.

I peruse various national blogs and the inspiration to my real daily work is usually influenced by the next best shoe designer, the art exhibit in Tokyo or that new cafe in Paris.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, lust, yearn to write about Cleveland…but today I want to take the opportunity to write about something that has recently been on my mind…something that I can’t seem to get enough of, I love the colors, the sick patterns, the techie cuts, it’s all very alpine chic…let’s talk about ski clothes!

I was on the Boston Mills and Brandywine site the other evening, did you know that you can take a lesson (ski or board), rents equipment and get a lift pass for only $39 as part of their Sunday Super Saver promotion? That alone deserves new mittens and fancy boots, don’t you think?

So, I decided to put together that perfect ski-bunny outfit in hopes to hit some “after Christmas Sales” at some of the area ski & sport retailers including Geiger’s (free coupon for ski or snowboard hot wax here!) or Village Snow for these latest in winter aprés fashions.

What do you think? Like my winter fun, make believe outfit? Do you have the perfect puffy-coat you want to recommend? Seen any great Thinsulate® sales lately? I’d love to know where the deals are….fill me in!

Torah Bright Jacket by Roxy. A great base layer zip up from Athleta.Tivoli Boots by Sorel. Bootleg ski pants by North Face. Smith “Catwalk” Sunglasses (the name alone and I want them!) A snug little beanie by Spacecraft. a pair of Burton Profile Mitts..they are guys, I would just buy an Xsmall. :)