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  It’s SOLSTICE week!!!

Summer_SolsticeHey CLE friends. Hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend with all your fun, adventurous and loving Dad’s out there. We enjoyed some welcome down time at home (long walk to the bakery, big homemade breakfast, lots of play and best part, no house chores!) and then visited family later in the day, all in all a good day. How about you? Did you do anything extra special for your Dad’s?

Not to change the subject at hand but can we even talk about how excited I am for this week knowing it is solstice week? Seriously my favorite time of the year when summer is officially here, days are long, the lighting bugs are roaming the backyard and staying up late seems totally necessary. PLUS it’s the biggest party of the year at the Cleveland Museum or Art, seriously not to be missed. Sunset on the 21st won’t come until 8:25 in the evening, meaning we will have a long 16 hours and 38 minutes of sunlight! It’s SUMMER… let the fun begin.

A couple of fun things we have added to our house in preparation for summer entertaining and having friends over for the next few months and those long summer days from our friends at Wayfair

Summer rugs : I love switching out our warm winter rugs with a few brighter and lighter ones for summer. It’s kinda like bringing the beach indoors. This one is from the Novogratz Collection and would look great in any room.

Outdoor Drink Dispenser : This chic pink and gold dispenser looks stylish both inside and out. It keeps summer fruit-infused waters as well as the perfect summer cocktails chilled and ready to grab and go. Plus this one is just so pretty I would leave it on my countertop all summer long.

Toddler-friendly pool floats : I am very drawn to these new versions of “noodles” and they are fun for both toddlers and adults. I have to admit I sorta LOVE the big jellyfish one, it’s so sweet it “stings!”

Pouffs : Summer is a time for lounging and entertaining at home. The more pouff’s in your place the better for kicking back and relaxing summer style. Currently I have a bunch of “global and bohemian” pillows around so this pouff will fit in nicely without being too matchy matchy!

Have a great Solstice everyone! I hope you are able to spend some quality time at home this summer with your loved ones. Also, I hope to maybe run into you this Saturday night at the party…I can barely wait!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Wayfair who invited me to share my solstice home picks as part of their social outreach. I received a gift certificate to their store in exchange for my review of their products. Thanks for supporting this businesses, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Our new Container Store!

So many fun new places to explore around town this summer! As a somewhat new east-sider I am still very much enjoying discovering local restaurants and galleries, music hot spots and quiet coffee shops. One thing I have really come to love is being so close to Beachwood Mall. As a west-sider for over 15 years, Beachwood was always my “fancy” mall for when I wanted to make a shopping “outing.” Now with it being only 4 miles from home it is dangerously close for that new pair of sandals or perfect summer accessory. Last week one of my ULTIMATE favorite stores of all times opened close to Beachwood…the CONTAINER STORE!!! Let me give you a little sneak peek.

As an office supply junkie, I can’t be more thrilled to see the selection of high-style organizational products they offer. Some of the brands stocked are Russell+Hazel (my fave!) and Poppin… both are stylish, modern office-decor product lines. I also must get my hands on those gold large-format envelopes to hold all my “old-school pinterest” project tears…does anyone still do that or am I the only weird one who still loves paper?

The new store has a large area devoted to closet transformations. So many different closet styles and finishes, they seriously have the perfect organization solution for any home. I really enjoyed the sleek modern designs and perhaps down the road would love to have them come out for a consultation…I love a good closet design.

Last but not least was their extensive selection of kitchen gadgets. Can we talk about how sweet these cheese and butter savers are? I kinda need them. I am planning on picking up a few gadgets for summer entertaining needs, from dish covers (to keep out bugs when dining alfresco) to plastic drinkware and kids outdoor dining needs (Gotta have a new cute thermos for the pool!)


(Cute picture of all the other luncheon attendees!)

Thank you to the Contain Store for inviting me out to your social influencers luncheon to show and share all of your exciting offerings. I am thrilled you are so close by my new home, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of each other in the coming summer months. Happy Container Store, happy organizing to all!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to The Container Store who invited me to share their grand opening as part of their social outreach. I received a gift certificate to their store in exchange for my review of their new store. Thanks for supporting this businesses, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Lovely Paperie & Gifts in Rocky River


The other day I took a quick detour from going directly back to the studio to swing into the new Lovely Paperie & Gifts located across the bridge in Rocky River. This new boutique is stocked floor to ceiling with every gorgeous greeting card know to man. From glitter to neon, letterpress to gold foil, this store has hundreds of beautifully designed greeting cards for every occasion…I couldn’t decide who to buy for first.


This new store is also the westside destination for everything Lilly Pulitzer. Her bright-patterned shift dresses are the perfect summer wardrobe staple. They have all types of dresses and beach coverups and so many accessories with her well-known tropical prints. Plus, the section of the store is painted bright pink and so so pretty…I kinda wanted to move in.


One of the best parts of the new store is my friend Blair Ritchey’s wall of bags! Her one-of-a kind leather bags are my personal favorite around town. The leather is so soft and her color combinations are so on point. Did you know Blair cuts each of her bag tassels by hand? Yep! Each one a work of art. I am so glad you can go into Lovely and buy a Blair Ritchey bag up close and personal.



So next time you are looking for a card, a dress, perhaps a new handmade leather bag, look no further than the new Lovely Papery & Gifts in Rocky River. You might also want to check out their site as they host regular events at the store. So many fun vendors, specials and parties you won’t want to miss out! Have a great day & happy exploring everyone!


  Home Decor destination…Legacy Village


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed a bit of downtime with your family and friends. It was a great weekend at our home, just doing house stuff, playing outside and enjoying a low-commitment weekend with my two guys and some great friends. We did some typical house stuff; you know, laundry, groceries, meal prep, yadda yadda. But we also took a trip to Legacy Village to see what was new and exciting over there. Honestly I haven’t been there in awhile and I didn’t realize what an awesome concentration of home decor stores they have in their “Home District.”


I LOVE Crate & Barrel…you can’t go wrong with their seasonal decor, their kitchen gadgets and glassware. I also love their table linens and candles; they make great hostess gifts. I also really enjoy Ethan Allen, Arhaus and Restoration Hardware as they all offer incredible, quality furniture pieces. RH has an huge selection of more modern, stream-lined furniture, lighting and decor options. While in my opinion Arhaus and Ethan Allen tend to offer more traditional selections of fine furniture and accessories. I actually like all of these stores as I think there is a place for modern and traditional to live together in a home in harmony!


You can also find Z Gallerie and Pier W in the Home District…both great stops for nice summer accessories including umbrellas, pillows and stylish patio furniture, you really can’t go wrong.

So…the moral of this little story is that if you need something for your home…anything from modern furniture to a pretty candle for your dining table…Legacy Village is a great destination for all things HOME! If you haven’t been out this way in awhile, I recommend you go check it out, they have a great selection of home decor stores for all tastes.

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Legacy Village who invited me to share their Home District as part of their social outreach. I received a gift certificate to Legacy in exchange for my review of their Home District selections. Thanks for supporting this group of businesses, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!

  Summer Celebrations : Lawn Games Sponsored by Wayfair


Hello friends! With last weekends 80 degree temps, it’s truly feeling like summertime is quickly approaching. We have started doing a few yard projects around our new home, pulled out the patio and pool furniture and even planted a handful of flowering spring perennials to add a few pops of color to the yard. What about you? Have you felt the urge to style and prep your yard for all of your summer, outdoor entertaining events?

When I was younger my sisters and I were always tasked with the job of picking up sticks around the yard as part of spring cleaning. Needless to say we didn’t love working in the yard as teenagers but somehow the knowing we would get our allowance always kept us coming back. Flash forward almost thirty years later  a day of working in the yard, mowing the grass, trimming the trees and picking up sticks sounds luxurious to me.

As kids when we were finished with the yard work we used to totally love playing outside. Do you remember pogo balls? We could spend hours on them. We also loved jumping rope, a touch of hopscotch as well as a proper game of croquet. My parents had a vintage game set and a large front yard so it was the perfect place to spend hours on this retro lawn game…just me, my sisters and the clicking of the wooden balls as we tried to steer them with our wooden mallets. I also always had to be green (sometimes yellow) like the color even mattered…we were all still pretty bad. As I have grown up, anytime I see a croquet set I truly enjoy giving the ball a little whack and remembering all the fun we had outside on the lawn. Ahh..the old days.

Wayfair_CroqA few years ago while scouring a flea market I happened to pick my own croquet set…so how about we plan an evening of lemonade (or sangria!) on the lawn, we can all wear our vintage summer dresses, big sunglasses and straw hats and enjoy the best summer lawn game…croquet. Let me know who’s in!

Thanks to Wayfair for encouraging and sponsoring this post which had me actually sit down and put “pen to paper” of some of my favorite summer fun memories. I just happened to be on their site and they have so many fun things that would make for a perfect croquet party…here are just a few ideas, but you should go explore for yourself!

Croquet Set / Chaise Lounge Chair / Outdoor Umbrella / Plant Arbor / Plant Stand

Happy spring…almost summer everyone. My wish for you is the gift of time…make some time for you and your friends to connect and create those special summer memories. It truly is worth it to step away from technology every now and then and get outside to play. Happy croquet everyone!

SPONSORED POST : Thank you to Wayfair who invited me to walk you down memory lane as part of their social outreach. Thanks for supporting this business, while allowing me to create special content like this for iheartcleveland!