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Hey guys, did you know it’s supposed to reach almost 74 degree’s today? Crazy nice summer weather but it might just be time to click on that AC to keep your home and ride chill…

This is another shot from by cruise down Superior Ave the other evening, the hand lettering and bold colors pulled me in. Made me wonder about who designed that sign and the Clevelanders who painted it…because it’s awesome. As a designer I tend to gravitate towards modern, clean and simple signs and such. However with this sign the retro charm, the funky type and the no fuss design is super impressive, i heart it. Next time you need an expert air conditioning service, you should totally take a ride Brunkow’s…if nothing else than to check out the sign! Keep cool Cleveland, and GO TRIBE!

  this & that

This week I have been sharing some images from my excursions around town, last weekend.

I mentioned the Salvation Army on Euclid and East 55th as one of my top places to score a deal. Check out their in-store signage, very vague as to what their selling, but the perfect directional signage for those of us looking for a unique find. I love the drippy white paint over the older orange walls.

Someone had a great suggestion that from here on out, when i find something to post that doesn’t quite have obvious headline, I should name it “this & that,” I think that’s a terrific idea…stay tuned for more of “this & that.”

Happy Wednesday Cleveland. Stay warm!