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  Gibbs Butcher Block at the old mill

Hey you! The other day I went on an adventure. I had sent my friend an early morning text (I’m talking 7am-ish) about kicking of Memorial Day weekend by going for plants and flowers before going into work. She had the genius idea to head out to a large wholesale greenhouse and fill my car with flats of crawling greens, succulents, herbs, pretty pansies, vines and so much more I can’t even begin to remember. All I know is that planting all the little beauties kept me busy for most of the following Saturday..tons of’s a good thing!

Anyhow, on our “operation plants” adventure I couldn’t help but to stop at the cutest butcher shop on the corner of Rt. 252 and Sprague in Columbia Station. Gibbs Butcher Block at the Old Mill the largest butcher shop I have ever stumbled upon. Literally it had rows and rows of every type and flavor of sausage one could imagine. From tequila lime pork, to Great Lakes beer infused meat and if you like hot sausage..check out the cherry bomb sausage. MORE! →

  giveaway : Art Supplies from Pat Catans

Good morning CLE and happy Tuesday to ya!

Many of you might know this about me but I am a total art geek. Thanks to my Mom, I spent my childhood growing up with a craft box under my bed. My Saturday mornings were spent in painting classes with other “free spirit”kids and by the time I reached college I was attending gallery openings in my down time, hanging out in the painting lofts of fellow art school students and taking extra credits in anything from silk screen to stained glass. As a professional graphic designer I feel lucky each day that I get to create visual inspiration for a living. MORE! →

  West Side Skates

While I can’t say I have EVER attempted to skate on a skateboard before I LOVE to stop into West Side Skates to admire the goods.

As a designer (my other job, wink!) I am drawn to amazing color combinations, to patterns, to textures, type and illustration and this store is like walking into a vast collection of art and design specimens.  I almost feel like an adult kid in a candy store, the stuff is over the top “rad!”

Besides “decks” and wheels, the store also has an incredible line of hip shoes and detailed constructed clothing. Again, the colors and patterns and quality of fabrics is not too be messed with, these skater kids (or skater adults!) sure do have a thing for style.

Even skaters have a love for the cute and clever don’t you think? Keep Calm and ROLL Away, how cute!

I’m serious though, if you are ever in the market for a new pair of Ray Bans, a bold pair of sneaks, perhaps some fun stickers, hats or a chic Nixon watch, go visit West Side Skates they will hook you up. It’s really incredible!

  Native Cleveland

Last weekend I found myself in the cutest, “pro-Cleveland” art & t-shirt store called “Native Cleveland,” located near the Beachland Ballroom.

I was wondering around the Waterloo Arts Festival enjoying the sights (belly dancers, stilt walkers and many a hipster), sounds (everything from hip hop, rock and “coffee house”) and the sunshine (well, it was pretty overcast but the sun did make an appearance or two.)  The highly stylized window displays, the nautical t-shirts graphics and all of the people shopping in the store called was calling my name.

Everything about the space from the skylight to the “display stage” to the adorable art…this store is the total package. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing CLE Clothing Co. T-shirts they sell, awesome. From a designers perspective these shirts hit the nail right on the head, quirky and fresh with a twist. While I purchased a shirt as a gift, I am currently lusting over the Lake Erie Yacht Club v-neck. it must be mine! (Note* I love everything “nauti”)

So, if you are ever in need of a great gift, a piece of art or an amazing CLE t-shirt, grab yourself a coffee, hop in the car and make your way to Native Cleveland you won’t be disappointed! Great store, you should be really proud!

  fashion show @ unique thrift!

What can I say, I LOVE to swing into “Unique” on Lorain Ave (close to St Ignatius.) Besides the funky smell and the whining fluorescent light bulbs the store is filled with possibilities, “projects” and memories of fashion past (not a bad thing.)

This Saturday “Unique” is hosting it’s first ever “Spring Fashion Show.” I have NO idea how this event will go down but I do know it will be worth stopping in from 1-3pm just for the…A) special markdowns, B) the people watching will be incredible and C) did you know “Unique” offers FREE coffee for all shoppers?

I know this might sound a bit sassy, but truly I adore this store. I can’t tell you the number of “finds” I’ve scored there. Everything from a traditional Burberry trench to a fondue pot, from various silk kimono robes to numerous picture frames perfect for spray painting. The list goes on and on.

Cleveland, let’s support this store, stop in on Saturday to find out what the “hottest looks for spring & summer will be!”  See you there.