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  Inked for Ohio

So as someone with lots of interests, I tend to follow various local businesses on all sorts of social media platforms. How about you?

I’ve gotta say, someone who does a really good job at utilizing facebook is local skate shop West Side Skates. From their weekly new cool sneaker posts, to featuring area skaters & events they are constantly rocking their fb page.

The other day the photo above caught my eye of Brad skating through our state. I just had to share this bit of ink with you all today.

As summer begins to show it’s pretty head, this usually means more skin, which means more ink to share and show. If you have a great tattoo that you want to share, and it somehow reflects our city/state send it my way at and we will do our best to share it! Peace.


  inked for (lovin) Ohio

Happy hearts day all my fabulous CLE-lovers! This morning I stopped at Blackbird Bakery for adorable heart shaped shortbread cookies (for a meeting of course) and couldn’t help but note the ink on my friendly morning barista/baker…

For awhile I was in such a great habit of finding Ohio-CLE themed ink, but during our winter months it’s sometimes a hard job…being that we wear layers, sweaters and parkas on days like today. Anyhow, this sweet, CLE-loving tat caught my eye and so I bumped a few posts around to share with you a bit of true permanent city love. Happy Valentines everybody, keep on loving…it’s what makes the world go round. :)

(Aren’t the cookies too sweet, they were super buttery, sugary goodness! Love Love Love)

  Inked for Ohio

Good Sunny Monday morning Cleveland. Waking up to the warm rays of sun kicked off today as a great start to our new week. I don’t know about you, but the rain is starting to get to me just a tad, while I love my wellies, my fall suede boots don’t love splashing around in the puddles! Bring on the sunshine.

A few weeks ago one of my readers  Taylor sent me her ink for Ohio and I thought we would kick off this week by sharing. Taylor (who doesn’t even live here!) told me that her tattoo represents “her love for this city, the people, the places” and yes “the freaking Browns.” She told me that “Cleveland’s imperfections are what makes it so perfect, and that she is hoping to get back here some day, non-negotiable!”

Thanks for sharing your love for this city Taylor, great ink and have a great week. We hope to see you back in the land of CLE real soon!

  Inked for Ohio

Hey land of CLE. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I am really interested in those of you who take the leap and ink yourself with all things Ohio. While I myself have no “ink” I honestly can’t think of a bigger way to show the city your loyalty and love. Go you guys!

A week or so ago I was working with the amazing team at Blazing Saddle Cycle and noticed a work in progress tat on “bike guru” Travis’s forearm. I freaked a little with excitement and proceeded to snap a pic to share.

Travis was saying someting about King Kong climbing Terminal Tower and a handful of other “celebrity-like” characters that will wrap around his arm and through the city landscape. I can’t wait to see the finished work.

Travis, when it’s complete, shoot me a pic to share. Also, if anyone else ever had an “Inked for Ohio” picture, please forward them to and I will make sure to share!

AND, if anyone ever needs the perfect place to take an old bike that one purchases off of Craig’s List and have it transformed and renovated into a piece of art…go to BLAZING SADDLE CYCLES, they are truly passionate about their work.

  Inked for Ohio.

So I often am on the lookout for tattoos that symbolize the passion for our city and the wonderful people that fuel our region with love and ink.

The other day I was at an office, when the woman who answered the company door caught my eye. Her short sleeved shirt exposed her adorable tattoo of Ohio with “a heart for Cleveland,” and the “trees for the Cuyahoga National Forest. I live near the park and love to hike” explained Becky.

Looking for a way to show your love and support of our parks systems? Think ink!

Thanks Becky, I hope I din’t spook you when I asked to snap a pic. :)