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  be kind.

Hello CLE. Isn’t this sunshine divine? It truly just makes me so happy. Also, side note…just looked at Monday’s weather and for Opening Day…50, overcast but NO RAIN! Get psyched!

Okay, today I wanted to share a little video that was developed by our friends at the Cleveland Clinic. It was initially an internal piece for employees and such, but I think it speaks VOLUME to how we as humans and as citizens of the CLE should behave. It’s a bit over 4 minutes in length and has “subtitles” so you have to actually read the video, but it is moving and I hope you like it.

If you do, pass it along to your friends who might also need a bit of a reminder that we are all individuals with different things going on…and we all live here on this earth together.

Great job Clinic marketing and communications team, it truly is a wonderful piece!

  Thanks Clev.

Good morning Cleveland and happy summer relief. The weekend weather was crazy, wasn’t it? From the sticky humidity of Friday, to the gorgeous pink clouds that smothered the Saturday night Indians game, to the sweet breeze that carried me on a Sunday evening bike ride… another gorgeous Cleveland summer weekend for sure.

I must admit, it sometimes is hard for me to be the best blogger in the summer. From my weekends at the beach, to the evenings on the wine bar patio, to summer concerts, picnics with friends, so forth and so on…sitting behind my laptop sometimes ain’t all that.

With that said, all it takes is a little comment here or there from one of you to keep me going through these hot ohio months…and this just in…”thanks for always posting about the little things, it’s what keeps our city rolling. People like you keep me here in Cleveland, and all of the amazing individuals and all of the amazing effort…this city rocks!”

So thank you “anonymous” you made my blogging week! And just to let all you Clevelanders know…I joined twitter! (iheartclev) Can you believe it? I am a total newbie, and I promise for now, as I get my feet wet, I won’t tweet too much, but just to jump on the bandwagon, I thought I’d let you know, I love being a Cleveland blogger, I love living, exploring, and being creative in this city. I feel privileged that you would take time out of your busy day to read my deep thoughts or mindless chatter. I truly do “heart” this city, happy summer.

warm wishes,