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  CLE in Cali @ CAMP

Happy Friday everybody. Looks like it’s gonna be another wonderful weekend in Northeast Ohio. Lots of fun stuff to do around town, from those great (food themed) road races, to checking out the Cleveland flea, to perhaps some friend time and maybe even a bit of beach time depending if the weather warms up a bit.

For me, I am currently in Big Bear CA attending a creative conference/CAMP experience. My Seattle-sister and I thought this years annual meet-up needed a bit more than cocktails and shopping (gasp!) so we decided to gain some business and social media insight with a touch of archery, tie-dyeing and camp dances.

The theme for the long weekend is “Cultivate Ambition, Map Possibilities,” I can’t wait to come back to CLE with all sorts of ideas of how to enhance our design client project work, give back creative ideas to my community, perhaps have a few new camp pals on my twitter feed (including photographer & camp workshop instructor Bonnie Tsang nd textile designer, Erin Dollar also a camp instructor) and maybe even perfect my rope climbing skills.

While I am sleeping in a cabin, parent trap-style I hope everyone has a wonderful June weekend. Looking forward to connecting next week as for now I have NO cell reception…dying slightly inside but trying to find the beauty in the quiet!

XO from CLE in Cali, peace

  Tremont by way of NYC

Hello and happy friday people of the CLE. Such an exciting weekend upon us…if you are looking for something to do this weekend, get yourselves downtown and grab a cocktail at the Ritz Hotel Lobby Bar…perhaps you can snag a sighting of one of the Rock Hall Inductee’s? Downtown is gonna be a madhouse, super fun party zone with amazing buzz. Put on a pair of party pants and get down there!

Now…onto a very different party zone, but a fabulous one nonetheless.

Last weekend I spent the holiday weekend hopping about Manhattan like any good Easter bunny should. For dinner on Good Friday I hippitty hoppitty made my way down to the West Village to find the most recent foodie hot spot founded by three, you guessed it Northeast Ohioans…

Tremont (the restaurant) was filled with first dates, with friendly reunions, with holiday gatherings, with creative hipsters…it truly felt like I was nestled somewhere between Literary and Starkweather in the actual Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont. There was a warm buzz of conversation with one of my oldest friends, a great bottle of Malbec, a beet salad, some scallops and a small slice of carrot cake involved, which made this close-to-home experience over-the-top spectacular.

From what I know about this place, it was founded by three friends who knew each other while living in the CLE. They all moved to “the city,” fell in love with the corner, window-lined restaurant and the rest is history. So next time you visit NYC, know that great things are happening there by way of our amazing creative minds, entrepreneurial thinking and big dreamers in Cleveland!

Put it on your to-do list, and make sure to tell them Cleveland sent ya, the midwestern welcome will include a hug and a pat on the back! Seriously, I was super proud of them and I don’t even know them!

While it isn’t 100% Cleveland news…it is just another example why I am such a proud Clevelander through and through. Check it out!

  Blog on a Road Trip

So over Labor Day weekend I met these two brothers going cross country in their Airstream Trailer. After spending the weekend they had so many nice things to say about Cleveland, our sense of creativity and passion for the area…I just had to share.

“The Million Dollar Road Trip is a yearlong mobile marketing business. Until July 4, 2011 my brother, Walter, and I are traveling 48 states in order to promote American small businesses and to find people who are taking risks to pursue their passions. We want to tell these stories in an effort to inspire others to take a chance and create something. We came in search of passion and creativity in Cleveland. Honestly, we were taken by surprise.


  Hop around the City (09/11)

Sparx City Hop is a free all day event that celebrates the visual, culinary and performing arts of Cleveland’s most central and metropolitan neighborhoods. Free trolley service by Lolly the Trolley allows individuals and families to “hop” through the neighborhoods of Downtown (Historic Gateway Neighborhood, Historic Warehouse District, PlayhouseSquare and the Campus District) plus the districts the connect directly to Downtown (Tremont, Ohio City, MidTown, AsiaTown and St. Clair Superior).

The trolley routes connect people to over 70 galleries & artist studios, over 100 restaurants, several markets and dozens of specialty retail shops. In addition, Sparx City Hop connects participants to a variety of sidewalk concerts, main stage performances, special gallery and studio events, the Terminal Tower observation deck (see details below), the Tower City Street Fair, the Sparx Classic Car Show, a variety of merchant specials and so much more.


  Glog on the Blog

Happy Monday Cleveland!

Hope everyone enjoyed the cool winter weekend as much as I did. With my visitor in town I sure did pack a lot into the holiday weekend. One of the things I wanted to “report” on was this funky little drink I experienced at the Greenhouse Tavern…”Glog!”

Glog, defined in the dictionary as a “hot spiced wine and liquor punch and it is a delicious warming drink. Glog is a traditional drink of the Swedish & Finnish Advent season. Traditionally made with red wine, and each small glass has a few almonds and raisins in it as well as the drink. Glog’s origins are with mulled wine – wine heated with spices. Glog also tends to have more sugar as well as a heavier alcohol content. It is said that Glog cures the common cold.

The bartenders at The Greenhouse were kind enough to show me how they made their new holiday drink. The drink is assembled using special house made glog mix & honey liquor, steamed and then accessorized with little golden raisins.

Be warned…I took a big sniff (from my brandy snifter) and wow…I thought I burned off my nose hairs…let’s just say it’s potent…in a good way! :)

I still can’t 100% say I loved it, but I can’t stop thinking about this potent hot toddy, so I guess it made an impression on me. Let me know what you think!